YUZ Puffs

Eliquid France presents its new Puff Yuz.

A small, disposable, electronic cigarette with an integrated 550mAh battery and a 2ml capacity, very simple to use, to enjoy the flavours that have made the success of the brand.

600 MTL puffs of joy with 2 lines :

  • Premium collection : Virgin, Relax, Sûpreme. A tasty range dedicated to blond tobacco, for a smooth transition to vaping.
  • Fruizee collection : Crazy Mango, Icee Mint, Sunny and Bloody Summer. Enjoy these frosty and fruity cocktail recipes in disposable Puffs, for a fun and easy vape experience.

Available in 10 or 20mg of nicotine.

For unforgettable vape moments.

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