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10 days with Purge Mods' Ally Pod TC

Publié le : 2019-10-03 13:17:57
Catégories : Material / E-liquids


Purge Mods is a 4-year-old American high-end brand. Created by vape enthusiasts who are keen to help people move to a less harmful alternative than cigarettes with high-quality items in a unique design.

Let's talk about this kit

The Ally Pod TC is a high-end pod offering an amazing vape experience.
Its rectangular shape (93.6 x 40.5 x 15.4mm) makes it a very compact pod.

Made from a high-quality zinc alloy, it’s equipped with removable sides.
And its manufacturing materials make it particularly resilient.
Was it the brand’s plan to create different sets of sides allowing us to switch from one design to the other ? We don’t have the answer but we love it !

The Ally Pod TC has a 950mAh battery which gives it excellent battery life.
Its cartridges are equipped with 0.8ohm mesh resistances and 2ml capacity. The mouthpiece acts as an airflow when turned.

Its power ranges between 5 and 30W and has 3 different settings : TC / VW / VV.
A small screen on the top shows the power, the resistance value, the number of puffs and the length of the last puff.

This versatile pod offers the possibility to vape in DL and MTL.

Fun little detail, its shape and design will remind you of the rechargeable lighter we all knew. We couldn't help but play with the top to make it click. Remember ?

And So ?

We’ve asked Arnaud, Product Manager at Sweetch, to test this kit. He paired it with King Crest’s Duchess Reserve e-liquid, a sweet vanilla cake flavour, with salted butter caramel and marshmallows... He shared his impressions with us :

What was your first impression when you saw this pod ?

I loved it straight away ! It's compact and stylish. I liked its "Zippo" design !

How was it getting started ?

When I first picked it up, I thought, "Damn ! It's heavy ! And it makes a noise when I move ... a kind of glingling."
Then I set up the tank, and there... No more noise ! One less potential flaw.
And I admit that after using it, the weight no longer bothered me, on the contrary, I found that it gave it a little more character. It seems more robust and reliable, unlike some devices that are all in plastic.

For the filling, it's very simple and well thought out, because it can be filled completely without any overflowing. I used it in PW mode and set it on 17w with a 0.8ohm pod.
I chose to vape King Crest’s Duchess Reserve simply because I loved this liquid and I missed it. Great to have it back...

How was your experience with this pod ?

I was a little afraid about the autonomy since we are on a built-in battery, but on the very first day, I was already reassured !
I emptied 2 tanks before I had to recharge it and it’s very quick to charge.

When it comes to vaping, I had a dense steam, hot (I vape in MTL with quite a closed airflow) and with great flavours despite a pretty low power.
Vaping the Duchess in MTL allowed me to rediscover it in a finer, less sweet, and potentially less heavy way.
The Ally Pod really offers a very satisfying rendering of flavours, a consistent steam and it’s easy to use ! Great expert material.

Finally the fact that you can change the side doors is just too cool !

Simple and effective are the words that best describe this kit.

Have you encountered any difficulties ?

No. I was sceptical about the pod system, but after the first use I realized that this system was well thought out. No leakage, no liquid overflow... just pure happiness !

Who would you recommend this kit to ?

To everyone ! It’s a quality and efficient device that’s easy to use and therefore will suit beginners and will appeal to the geekiest among us for its customizable design, reliability and originality.


  • Dimensions : 93.6 x 40.5 x 15.4 mm
  • Built-in battery : 950mAh
  • Settings : Temperature Control / Variable Wattage / Variable Voltage
  • Screen : OLED 0.69''
  • Draw : DL and MTL


  • 1x Ally Pod TC Kit from Purge Mods
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manuel
  • 1x Guarantee Card

! This product doesn’t come with a cartridge, so you’ll have to buy them separately.


  • Its rendering of flavours
  • Its steam production
  • Its autonomy
  • Its robustness


  • No cartridges included in the kit
  • The 1.2ohm cartridge is not available. This means, that for the moment, this pod is not suitable for nicotine salts.
  • The price a little high, but hey... it's Purges, so we were expecting worse !


A high-end expert pod that offers exceptional steam and flavour rendering. Easy to use, with different possible settings, this pod will please everyone. Both beginners and experienced vapers will be happy.

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