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10 days with the Cube Mod and Melo 5 Sweetch kit

Publié le : 2019-11-21 09:42:22
Catégories : Material / E-liquids


Today, found out more on one of our Sweetch kits. A setup made from two products we particularly love ! OBS's Cube Mod and Eleaf's Melo 5 in 4ml.

Let’s talk about this kit

We chose to combine a box we know well, the Cube Mod, and the new Melo, Eleaf's famous atomizer.

The OBS's Cube Mod is easy to use, compact and design. With an 80W power and a 3000mAh batterie life. On the side, a 0.96'' screen will give you information about our device (autonomy, power, number of puffs, etc.). It’s also equipped with various security to vape peacefully.

Eleaf's Melo 5 atomizer is designed to fit many different boxes. It has two resistances allowing for a direct draw with a good amount of steam. Thanks to its two very precise airflows, it can offer both a tight draw and indirect vaping.

Filling from the top offers an added security. The top must be lifted to access the tank and a silicone lining prevents the liquid from overflowing too easily, even with an open tank. A silicone protective spiral surrounds the Pyrex. It can absorb shocks in case of a fall, all while remaining very elegant.

And so ?

We’ve tested this setup for 10 days in order to give you our feedback.

The Cube Mod is a superb box, compact and powerful with an excellent grip. The Melo 5 has a 4ml capacity and a battery life that will last you all day long. Because the tank fills easily and the battery recharges quickly, it's very practical to use.

The Melo 5 is very versatile with different resistances possible, from a very powerful to a tighter vape. It’s compatible with all the Melo resistances from other models, which makes it easy to find compatible parts.

Who would you recommend this kit to ?

This setup is perfect for beginners. It can adapt to all types of vaping, allows a great power control while maintaining a good autonomy. A larger tank and many different possibilities with the resistance. Anyone looking to test several different vape modes without having to buy multiple devices will be delighted with this very versatile box.


Cube Mod :

  • Size : 31x81.5mm
  • Material : zinc alloy
  • Max power : 80W
  • Connectics : 510
  • Screen : OLED 0.96''
  • Battery : integrated 23600 (3,000mAh, USB Micro, Charging time : 2-3 hours)

Melo 5 :

  • Height : 57.3mm
  • Diameter : 26mm at the base, 28mm on the Pyrex
  • Weight : 65.5g
  • Capacity : 4ml
  • Resistance : EC
  • Drip-tip : 510


  • Simplicity
  • Versatility
  • Autonomy (3000 mAh battery and 4ml capacity)
  • Many compatible resistance
  • Pyrex protection against falls as well as a replacement one


  • The 3 clicks needed to adjust the power are sometimes annoying
  • The "bubble-shaped" Pyrex that may not be to everyone’s liking


The Cube Mod is a box that we use a lot given its size/battery ratio while remaining very simple to use. Combining it with the Melo 5 was a no-brainer : the kit is robust, design and very versatile. A major asset for every beginner who wants to start vaping without having to buy several different devices in order to find what suits them best.
The perfect setup for big clouds during the weekend that can switch to a tight and discreet draw for work during the week. At Sweetch, we really loved the fact that this kit will meet your every desire and need.

Thank you very much for your time and your loyalty in reading our articles.

The Sweetch Team

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