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10 days with the dotAIO

Publié le : 2019-07-03 15:36:50
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10 jours avec la dotAIO


dotMod… do we still need to present this brand ? Based in San Diego, the company has distinguished itself for years with High-End material. An unmistakable design, recognizable among all, superior quality materials and impeccable finishes, that’s the dotMod trademark !
They’ve accustomed us to high-end boxes and atos, they’ve now launched a pod format AIO. A little jewel bearing their distinctive style, as beautiful as effective !

Let's talk about this box

The dotAIO from dotMod, a rectangular, solid coloured AIO box with 2 magnetized sides. On one side, you’ll find the dotMod logo and an opening to control the amount of liquid remaining, and on the other the beautifully engraved Switch.
dotMod has already announced the creation of interchangeable sides and doors… perfect for personalized customisation !

At first glance, you immediately feel the quality of the product. It’s pleasant in hand, neither too light nor too heavy. A real jewel of premium quality !

A first magnetized side hides the battery compartment (18650 – not included). The second one hides the tank and the resistance. Simply remove the small tab to fill, and the cartridge is removed very easily thanks to a notch, which allows you to change the resistance.
dotMod actually offers 2 résistances for this pod: a 0.3ohm for aerial vaping and a 1.6ohm for a tight vape, ideal and recommended for e-liquids with high levels of nicotine or liquids with nicotine salts. Furthermore, the pod comes with an adapter allowing you to install the Nautilus resistances from Aspire in 0.7ohm or 1.8ohm, the second one was developed specifically for nicotine salts.

The dotAIO, although fully automated, offers the possibility to juggle between 4 powers: very soft, soft, medium and strong.

The airflow is adjustable and the drip tip can be changed, this box has everything to adjust the vaping to your preferences. This product will adapt to your desires and needs.

The dotAIO automatically stops if the Chipset recognizes a short circuit, a battery polarity reversal, a low voltage, a battery overload, too much battery discharge or a dry burn. Indeed, it will not let you vape if you no longer have enough liquid in the tank ! It is also equipped with the Pass Through Charging, which means you can use it while it’s charging.

In order to preserve your battery life, it will automatically go to sleep (Deep Sleep) after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The LED around the Switch will tell you the remaining battery level: green: 100-61% / blue: 60-21% / red: 20-1%.

In short, we have a really well thought out technology. And it has all the features to vape in peace and safely.

So ?

We’ve asked Arnaud, our product manager at Sweetch, who made the decision to introduce it to our range, to test it. He paired it with Vapur’s Great Yogurt liquid, a nicotine-salted e-liquid that blends the creaminess of a raspberry yogurt with the freshness of rhubarb, all with a touch of custard vanilla. He shared his impressions with us :

What was your first impression when you saw this AIO box?

I found it gorgeous.
It’s beautiful and elegant because it’s compact and sleek. It reminded me the design of the Bilet Box, which I liked a lot at the time, but it was bigger and very expensive. I was delighted to see a similar model from dotMod.

10 jours avec la dotAIO

How was it getting started ?

Very simple. The instructions are very well done and so is the device.

How was your experience with this box ?

I like that its compact and very discreet. It fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, even though I have rather thin hands. The nice thing is, it’s not for cloud chasing. Despite the fact that it offers an aerial vaping, it doesn’t produce much steam. Just an ideal amount. In short, we still remain on a tight vape and therefore on something discreet.

I usually use the Nautilus 2 or pods. It matches what I’m looking for in an e-Cig! And besides, it’s very silent, so no Darth Vader syndrome !

The restitution of flavours is excellent for this type of resistance! By that I mean, we’re not on a big, rebuildable coil, but the taste is still really nice.

It has a great autonomy, since it’s equipped with an 18650 battery. And you can’t make any mistake by inserting it, as there are big + and – indicated in the compartment.

It comes with a very nice golden tip, reminiscent of the engravings on the side. There is also an ultem tip in the packaging that doesn’t heat and is very narrow. By closing the airflow and using the ultem tip, you really get a cigarette-type draw. It’s also perfectly adapted to e-liquids with nicotine salts with the dotMod resistances in 1.6ohm or the Nautilus ones in 1.8ohm.

10 jours avec la dotAIO

The sides hold and close perfectly. They do not make a rattling sound like the ones found on some cheaper boxes. Everything is qualitative: the box, the joints and the finishes.

It charges with a USB type C, like recent Samsung models. The plus side is that it can be put in any direction, which reduces the risk of breaking the connector. However, it is not compatible with the chargers of older models or the majority of e-Cigs. But at the same time the cable comes with it, so it’s not particularly problematic.

It’s very elegant and within an affordable price range.
It is really versatile and efficient.

Have you encountered any difficulties ?

None. You can even fill the tank without taking it out, everything is well thought out.

Who would you recommend this kit to ?

To all types of vapers. You can have a tight, discreet draw for beginners or a larger steam production and an aerial vaping if you’re looking for flavours and steam.


  • 1x dotAIO
  • 1x Cartridge
  • 1x Mesh resistance 0.3 Ohm preinstalled for DL
  • 1x Ceramic strength 1.6 Ohm for MTL
  • 1x Nautilus resistance adapter - Aspire
  • 1x Ultem drip tip
  • 1x Gold drip tip
  • 1x USB-Type C Cable
  • 1x Replacement seal pack
  • 1x User Guide
10 jours avec la dotAIO


  • Its weight
  • Its autonomy
  • Makes very little noise (no Darth Vader syndrome)


“If we have to give some…I really had to look for them,” says Arnaud:

  • Its USB type C port not compatible with home cables
  • Its 2.7 ml capacity, which can be a bit small for heavy consumers


A top-of-the-line AIO box in every way. The legendary design and quality of dotMod, a draw ranging from tight to aerial depending on the installed resistances and the power set, a huge autonomy given its 18650 battery, an amazing rendering of flavours ... A High End product all around ! Thank you dotMod! We were looking forward to it… and we are not disappointed! The only question remaining is: Have we ordered enough of them ?

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