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10 days with the Enovap

Publié le : 2019-07-26 13:14:12
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10 Jours avec l'Enovape


Enovap is the result of an idea born in France in 2014-2015, winning a gold medal at the famous Lepine Competition. Very quickly the company was created, and the development/manufacturing was launched for commercialization in 2018.

Let’s talk about this box

There’s a lot to be said, considering the Enovap is a smart and connected box.

Let's start at the beginning : Enovap is a real innovation in the world of vaping for three reasons :

  1. It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and synced with a specially designed app.
  2. It allows you to vary nicotine levels and flavours throughout the day.
  3. It’s a true coach in smoking and nicotine cessation.

The Enovap is a box with dimensions of 119 x 47 x 23mm and a weight of 208g. A very clean style, the power of a box and very easy to use. It was designed to be easily accessible to all, practical and above all effective.

10 Jours avec l'Enovape

Formed as one piece, the upper part is in some ways the atomizer on a classic box. This removable part serves as support for the pods in which the e-liquids are located and makes it possible to adjust the airflow. It can be completely cleaned with water for more hygiene. A small latch allows you to lock this part with the bottom of the box, which ensures a perfect hold.

What's so special about it ? It has 2 pods of 2 ml each, allowing you to put 2 different e-liquids. By different, hear 2 different flavours or 2 different nicotine levels !
These 2 tanks, managed independently of each other, allow you to change the nicotine level, switch from one flavour to another or mix the flavours during the day. As for the filling, it's easy ! Simply open the small silicone cap on the pods it gives access to the filling holes. They can accommodate the tip of a 50ml bottle and this without any overflow.

It’s equipped with an 18650 battery (not provided), which gives it an excellent autonomy. A small screen and buttons allow you to make any adjustments very easily and a window allows you to keep an eye on the level of liquid remaining in the pods. It also has a drip tip 510, which can be changed.
It comes with 2 pods/resistances of 0.6ohm that offer restrictive aerial vaping (DL). For tighter vaping (MTL), we'll have to wait a little longer... pods in 1.2ohm should hit the market very soon !

Let's talk about the possibilities that Enovap offers :

10 Jours avec l'Enovape
  • Hit Control : it's the way to vary your nicotine level throughout the day. You can, for example, put one e-liquid with 0mg of nicotine in one pod and another with 12mg/ml in the second pod. When you wake up in the morning and have not vaped all night, you can have your nicotine boost by choosing a nicotine level of 12mg/ml. You want to reduce the nicotine level a little during the morning ? Not a problem ! Simply set the rate on 6mg/ml for example (here any rate between 0 and 12) and Enovap will take the right amount of e-liquid in each pod and on every puff so that you have the requested nicotine level !
  • Flavor Mix : it's the same principle as Hit Control, except that we’ll vary the flavours. If you put for example a tobacco flavoured e-liquid in a pod and a mint flavoured e-liquid in the other, you can vape one or the other completely independently. But you can also set Enovap to have, for example, 60% tobacco and 40% mint ! Can’t taste the mint enough ? Simply switch to a higher value, like 50/50.

Let’s note that it’s possible, regardless of the mode in which one is in, to adjust the desired amount of steam. Are you somewhere you don't want to be spotted because of the steam ? Simply reduce the percentage. Want to really enjoy it and make big clouds ? A simple click will allow you to adapt the settings.

To easily manage the flavours and nicotine levels, Enovap recommends using 2 e-liquids with different nicotine levels and identical flavours if you want to vary the nicotine level or 2 e-liquids with the same nicotine levels but different flavours to play with flavours.
It’s possible to have 2 e-liquids with different nicotine levels and 2 different flavours, but the settings will require a little more reflection, since there will be 2 variables to take into account !

The Enovap can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply download the Enovap app and it will analyse your habits and needs. After about a month of use, it will be able to automatically adapt the nicotine level to your needs and gradually decrease it without you feeling any withdrawal.

Let’s be honest, the Enovap represents in a way the Holy Grail for those who want to quit smoking or for vapers wishing to reduce their nicotine level !

So ?

We asked Denise, sweetch's executive assistant, to test it. She associated it with the liquid Start - Caramelized Blond Tobacco, in 0mg/ml and 12mg/ml for Hit Control. For the Flavour Mix, she took the American Tobacco and the Mint from Start, both in 6mg/ml. She shared her impressions with us :

10 Jours avec l'Enovape

What was your first impression when you saw this AIO box?

Honestly, it looked big. But on the other hand, it has a sober design and a very nice touch.

How was it getting started ?

Everything was very simple. It comes with a very complete user manual, which explains step by step how to install the battery, connect it with the application, fill the pods, activate it and adjust it.

How was your experience with this box ?

It’s quite big, but you get used to it. I must say that I'm used to pods, so we're really at the opposite from what I usually use !

It’s very intuitive to use once you understand the concept. It's impressive to see everything you can do with it ! On the one hand, there is the desired percentage of steam that is settled with the click of a button and on the other hand the Hit Control / Flavour Mix. The Hit Control is very nice. I took 2 liquids of the same flavour with 2 different nicotine levels. When you set it to the max, 12mg/ml (which is the rate I put in one of the pods), you really feel it hit your throat. When you lower the rate, you clearly feel that there is less nicotine, the hit being less strong. The change is very precise and immediate ! Nicotine levels decrease instantly when changed, not gradually. For the Flavour Mix, the same observation. You can really switch from pure tobacco to pure mint, with all the possible variations in between the two aromas.

I still wanted to try two different flavours with two different nicotine levels. Like the manufacturer said, it’s feasible, but it’s a lot of interactions to take into account and I can only agree with that. I put American Tobacco from Start in 12mg/ml and Mint from Start in 0mg/ml. When I set to 6mg/ml, there was too much mint to my liking. So, I increased the amount of tobacco flavour, which at the same time increased the nicotine level. Not ideal. But I think that over time, it's something you can master if you really wanted to.

What’s really nice is to do a little "daily check" : using the application you can see the number of puffs and the average consumption of nicotine during the day. You can also see its consumption during the week or the month ! I find it really interesting in order to better understand ones habits and especially to become aware of them ! The other interesting thing is that you can grasp the small "misbehaviour" ... The app shows you if you’ve smoked cigarettes, how many and when.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test the automatic functions, since it takes 1 month for the algorithm to analyse the data and take over to gradually decrease the nicotine level according to ones habits. But I'm looking forward to finding out ! As for the draw, despite having only tested the resistance in 0.6ohm, it’s easy to adapt the type of draw. Tight when the airflow is really closed and aerial when it’s really open.

Have you encountered any difficulties ?

None. The manual is really well done.

Who would you recommend this kit to ?

To anyone who wants to be able to vary their nicotine level or the flavours with a simple click.
It’s also very useful to become aware of ones daily nicotine use, which I think can be a real plus when trying to quit smoking.
I think Enovap is also ideal for vapers who want help to reduce their nicotine levels without feeling any withdrawal.

10 Jours avec l'Enovape


  • 1x Enovap
  • 2x Pods
  • 1x Charging cable
  • 1x Gray cover


  • Dimensions : 119 x 47 x 23mm
  • Weight : 208g with battery
  • Battery : 18650 (not included)
  • Capacity : 2 pods of 2ml
  • Airflow : adjustable
  • Charging : USB cable or external charger
  • Power : max 55W


  • The multitude of possible variations with nicotine and flavours
  • Being able to adjust the desired percentage of steam
  • It’s easy to use


  • Its size
  • It's a bit expensive, but it's worth it
  • The screen being hidden by the cover, but you don't change the settings every 2 minutes either.


An ultra-complete box, which allows you to vary the flavours and the levels of nicotine. It will also help you with any smoking and nicotine withdrawal ! After a month of use, it will be able to analyse your needs and decrease the nicotine level automatically and without any feelings of lack. In short, it’s the ideal coach to quit smoking or lower your nicotine level for vapers !

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