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10 days with Vaporesso’s Degree Meshed Kit

Publié le : 2020-02-04 15:34:24
Catégories : Material / E-liquids

degre meshed kit vaporesso test


Vaporesso... do we still need to introduce the brand ? A legend in the vaping world ! Founded in 2006, it’s now one of the oldest companies on the market.
Permanent innovation, strict quality controls, countless patents. Vaporesso is the guarantee of unrivalled know-how and state-of-the-art equipment !

Let’s talk about this kit

The Degree Meshed Kit is a revolutionary pod. Its dimensions are ideal (90.5 x 41.5 x 16.45mm) for a comfortable grip. Its rectangular shape also easily fits in a pocket.

Made of brushed stainless steel, it’s not only resistant, it’s also fingerprint proof.
On one side you’ll find a removable door giving access to the cartridge. The magnets on the door hold it perfectly in place. On the other side, you’ll find the Fire button, the 0.69' screen and the settings buttons.

When you get started, you simply have to choose between the 2 cartridges pre-equipped with two different coils :

  • A Mesh in 0.6ohm (pre-installed) to use between 16 and 22W, for a tight vape with a rather closed airflow to an aerial restrictive vape full of flavours.
  • A 1.3ohm CCELL to use between 7 and 12.5W, for a tight vape and/or high nicotine levels

When placing the cartridge, simply make sure that the tab is underneath to remove it easily.

Once the cartridge is in place, put back the magnetic door, and fill it by simply pressing the bottle's tip onto the PTF (Press To Fill) system on the pod. This system is compatible with most e-liquid bottles. If it’s not the case, an empty 10ml bottle comes with the pack !

When activated by 5 quick clicks on the Fire button, the pod automatically detects the installed coil and adjusts its settings accordingly. You’ll be able to change these settings within the recommended values. Indeed, if you take for example the 0.6ohm, you won't be able to exceed 22W. This safety feature prevents you from burning your coil and guarantees it to last longer !

You’ll also have the possibility, once you’ve found the setting that suits you best, to lock it by simply clicking 3x on the Fire button.

Equipped with an integrated 950mAh battery and a micro-USB port, the Degree not only ensures a long battery life, but it also fully charges in 30 minutes !

degre meshed kit vaporesso test

The latest Axon Chipset generation will warn you when the liquid level is too low, avoiding any risk of dry hits.

If you hold the pod sideways, you may get an alert, even though there’s still enough liquid in the cartridge. This alert lets you know that the coil is not properly irrigated ! If you hold the pod upright again, everything will go back to normal.

The Degree also offers a Pulse function, which will ensure a smooth and constant steam with every puff. Finally, its airflow, located just below the drip-tip, will allow you to adjust the settings even more to your liking.

And so ?

We’ve asked Steve, a logistician at Sweetch, to test this kit. He paired it with the juice of the month, currently Sweetness for him, a delicious violet and rose macaroon. Sweet and fruity at the same time.

He shared his impressions with us :

What was your first impression when you saw this kit ?
I liked the design. The red one is my favourite.

How was it getting started ?
It's very quick and easy. Especially since I used it directly with the cartridge equipped with the 0.6ohm coil which is pre-installed.

How was your experience with this kit ?
When you pick it up, you can tell right away that it's not a gadget. It's real quality.

It's a pod format, but you can feel the weight. Which, personally, gives me a sense of quality about the product.

The autonomy is very good. I was actually surprised considering the format. Generally, I vape on boxes. Here, we're pretty close to what I'm used to.

I was also surprised in a very good way by the rendering of flavours and the amount of steam.

degre meshed kit vaporesso test

We are more on a MTL draw (tight, cigarette-like), even with the 0.6ohm coil.

I loved the filling system. First you must put the dropper (bottle tip) on the hole provided for this purpose, press lightly and fill. There’s nothing to unscrew or disassemble. The system is also completely leak-proof. I had no problem with leaks.

Have you encountered any difficulties ?

Who would you recommend this kit to ?
To beginners because it’s easy to use, but also to vapers that want a small setup or as a back-up vape.


  • Kit dimensions : 90.5 x 41.5 x 16.45mm
  • Weight : 147.5g
  • Autonomy : 950mAh built-in battery
  • Capacity : 2ml
  • Coil : Meshed 0.6ohm or CCELL 1.3ohm
  • Draw : direct or indirect
  • Power : 5-30W


  • 1x Pod Degree 950mAh
  • 1x Cartridge with 1.3ohm CCELL coil
  • 1x Cartridge with 0.6ohm Meshed coil
  • 1x Empty 10ml bottle
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual
degremeshd kit vaporesso test ecig unboxing


  • The locked settings according to the recommended powers for each coil.
  • Alert when the liquid is too low.


  • The coils are not replaceable, so the entire cartridge must be thrown away.
  • The proprietary drip tip.


The Degree Meshed Kit is a pod format kit. A revolutionary e-cig equipped with a low liquid alert system. An excellent rendering of flavours, a beautiful steam production and a very good autonomy make it a vape that will suit both beginners as well as experienced vapers.

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch Team

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