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Once upon a time back in 2014, there was a film director who decided to quit smoking, and he stumbled upon vaping a bit by chance.

This is how the beautiful story of the Curieux brand and its founder and manager, Mathieu Czernitchow, began.

The French e-liquid brand was really born in Paris, to meet Mathieu's desire to offer his Kitclope vape shop customers unique, quality juices.

One of its shops featured a curiosity cabinet, hence the name of the brand : Curieux (Curious in French).

With only a few references, the recognition came very quickly with the award for the best gourmet e-liquid at the Vapexpo in Paris in 2017 for Phoenix from the Astrale collection.

A second award in 2019 established the Curieux brand as a must-have vape product.


Right from the start, the question of the brand's identity and its values was raised, with the desire to make quality liquids while meeting the requirements of vapers in terms of health safety and respect of the environment.

Recently, Curieux bought a factory in the French department of Loiret, which was previously used to produce Green Vapes liquids and was therefore already fully equipped with a huge state-of-the-art laboratory and 5 production lines.

This grouping of skills in a single location has enabled the brand to develop its products with complete control of the process from design to manufacture.

From a health point of view, having its own laboratory allows Curieux not only to guarantee quality manufacturing, but also the safety of its products thanks to advanced analyses.

From an environmental point of view, the use of biofermentation provides better stability of the components at high temperatures, as well as a superior flavour rendering.

The use of Vegetol as a 100% plant-based liquid, replacing the traditional Propylene Glycol, has brought a significant improvement in the brand's e-liquid formula.

An ecological approach was also taken with the use of recycled materials for the packaging and labels.


The Curieux brand tries to meet the demands of its customers and consider all their needs, whether they are first-time or experienced vapers, by developing a variety of flavours in different sizes, nicotine levels and PG/VG.

With an ever-expanding catalogue of ranges and products, Curieux has managed to inspire vapers who enjoy tobacco, fruity, gourmet, mentholated flavours.

At Sweetch, we've selected the most emblematic liquids :

  • Tea Edition is a brilliant tribute to the world's most popular beverage, with realistic flavour reconstructions like the traditional Japanese green tea Genmaitcha Tea, Dardjeeling Tea, Ouarzazate Tea with mint, Earl Grey or Virginia Tea with black tea and Virginia tobacco.
Curieux ejuice tea
  • Dessert Edition celebrates French pastry for sweet tooths vapers with its Tiramisu, Baba au Rhum, Crème brûlée, Pêche Melba and Tarte Tatin.
  • 1900 Edition and its fruity flavours such as Guava Cactus, Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Apple, Cherry Gooseberry, or Strawberry Pomegranate.
  • Côte Ouest Edition takes you on a journey through the most culinary French towns of the Channel and the Atlantic coast : Hossegor and its Basque cake, St Malo and its salted butter caramel pancake, or Deauville and its apple pie.
  • Hexagone and its French tour of flavours : Cherbourg mon Amour and its mint Mojito, Bamboche in Bordeaux with a blend of grapes and blackcurrants, Rennes des Reinettes for an apple and lychee duo, Nice to Meet you and the freshness of its dragon fruit, Lyon mon ptit Bouchon for a cranberry and wild berry cocktail, Lille était une Fois for a caramel and pecan waffle, and un Matin à Paris with its gourmet coffee.
Curieux e-liquides desserts gourmand

    Recently, Curieux has introduced a new format to meet the needs of smokers who want to switch to vaping in its simplest version, the Curieux Puff includes some of the brand's iconic liquids such as :

    • Licorne and Cassiopée from the Astrale range, flawless fruity products that have built the brand's reputation.
    • Bordeaux from the Hexagone line and its grape and blackcurrant duo.
    • Le Blond, a US style blond tobacco, for those who like a true tobacco taste.

    Curieux is known for its constant quest for new flavours, while at the same time focusing on simplicity to make the brand a benchmark for excellence.

    Curieux puffs pods


    Curieux is today a family business of true vape enthusiasts, convinced by the role of the electronic cigarette in smoking cessation.

    The Curieux brand is associated with the creation of original quality recipes and a wide variety of flavours.

    We look forward to the next chapter of their story !


    Thank you for reading. 

    The Sweetch team