The E.Tasty adventure began in 2018 in Orléans, France. Its young founder, Maxime Amato, first came across electronic cigarettes during a trip to the United States. Immediately fascinated by this world, he decided to embark on the vaping adventure in France.

To learn the ropes of this new world, he opened a vape shop in Orléans, where he familiarised himself with the e-liquids available on the market.

After studying the vape market, Maxime decided to start manufacturing his own e-liquids to offer his consumers quality products with complex flavours.

And his gamble paid off ! Today, E.Tasty can pride itself on having become a major player in the electronic cigarette e-liquid industry in Europe, with sales growing constantly.


The concept behind the creation of the E.Tasty brand is based on a clear desire to offer vapers innovative products of the highest quality in terms of both ingredients and health safety.
The French manufacturer is campaigning for greater professionalism in vaping, to rationalise the field and boost product reliability.

In addition, E.Tasty has a clear commitment to fight smoking, and aims to be a player in the transition to a smoke-free world.
To this end, the company is developing e-liquids not only for experienced vapers, but also for beginners.


E.Tasty is committed to a short distribution channel that is entirely controlled from start to finish, and today focuses all its activity on a unique location, with a low carbon footprint.

The process of bringing a new e-liquid to market begins with market research into what vapers are looking for in terms of flavours. Once these expectations have been established, E-Tasty's flavourists develop projects that are tested nationwide by a panel of consumers. The selected product then goes to the teams of graphic designers and communication specialists responsible for designing the packaging and the look and feel of the product.

As a quality product begins with the use of first-rate raw materials, these are carefully selected from suppliers.
E.Tasty is involved at every stage of the manufacturing process, with extremely strict specifications, quality controls throughout the production chain and rigorous compliance with regulations.

With this in mind, E.Tasty has made the choice of total transparency in its communication on the composition of its e-liquids.
Then comes the time for distribution, exclusively on a B2B basis (specialised shops, central purchasing agencies or franchises), again with a focus on controlling the product's image and sustainable development.


With 45,000 bottles of e-liquid leaving its production unit every day, E.Tasty is experiencing record growth and is not about to slow down.
The brand's development also includes the marketing of new flavours, which are currently being studied and will soon lead to the development of new, ever more elaborate lines, to enrich the brand's catalogue of flavours and stay as close as possible to vapers' expectations.
With the number of smokers remaining very high, E.Tasty still has a lot to do to help people quit smoking.


Discover at Sweetch our e-liquids from the different E.Tasty collections. With a variety of fruity or sweet flavours, no matter your vaping profile, E.Tasty has the e-liquid you need for a pleasant vape.

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As its name suggests Bankiz is dedicated to extremely fresh, fruity e-liquids like Freho, with its surprising strawberry and dragon fruit flavours.


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Carda, Sub'a, Squida, Raqua, Dyva and Balea will take your taste buds on a journey.

Freezy Crush is a range designed as a refreshing drink in the midst of summer. Limonata and Paloma are e-liquids bursting with fruits to quench your thirst.

Carmi from Inspiration is a delicious dessert with vanilla custard, peanut flakes and smooth whipped cream. Mouth watering !

In Numbers, I call number 5. Still vanilla custard based and covered in whipped cream, here it's the salted butter caramel that gives this delicious e-liquid its unique character.

Fans of tobacco-flavoured vaping will love the One Taste series, with its straightforward Virginia blond tobacco for a seamless transition to vape.

Finally, Smoke Wars, to bring your e-cig over to the sweet side of vaping. Mando Silver, C3Vapo Gold and its yuzu tart, Sky Vaper Smoker, Droïde V4PE and its chocolate pistachio madeleine, Dark Cook and its caramelised popcorn and cookie juice, or Storm Smoker will satisfy all your sweet vape cravings.

Happy vaping with E.Tasty !

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The Sweetch team