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Since 2022, Swiss vapers have seen the rise of disposable vaping devices. Although controversial, these electronic cigarettes have become part of our daily lives. Sweetch would like to share its experience and explain how its partnership with Evapify, Switzerland's leading puff distributor, came about.

The Rise of Disposable Devices in the Vape World

From 2018 onwards, vape professionals were flooded with disposable e-cig samples, advertised as the must-have revolution. However, Sweetch, concerned about ecological and safety issues, did not immediately endorse these products. So why are these products now available in our shops ?

The answer is simple : the demand soared. They started to appear in tobacco shops, grocery shops and other points of sale. Sweetch realised that it was our responsibility to offer these products, to prevent smokers who were trying to quit smoking from getting these devices through unsuitable channels.

We therefore decided to make disposable Puffs available in our shops, while still keeping the possibility of directing our customers to other more suitable solutions if necessary.

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The benefits of disposable e-cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are a real alternative for smokers. Simple, with no settings required, they offer remarkable effectiveness with nicotine levels of up to 20mg/ml, crucial for withdrawal. What's more, they are affordable, making it easier for smokers to make the transition to a smoke-free world.

The political issues surrounding Puffs

However, these devices are not without controversy, particularly in terms of ecology, safety and the safety of young people. Offering disposable devices in 2023 is ecologically questionable. Attracting young people to nicotine is also inconsistent with society's values. Although independent vape cannot regulate these aspects, it can raise awareness of these issues among its customers.

Protection of minors a priority

In 2018, in the absence of any legal basis at cantonal or federal levels concerning the protection of minors with regard to the marketing and sale of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, the entire Swiss vape industry (SVTA) has committed to not selling vape products to minors.

Vape shops are not the channel through which young people buy inhalation devices, with or without nicotine.

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Evapify Switzerland : A Responsible Partner

In 2022, Evapify Switzerland contacted Sweetch about a partnership. Initially reluctant, Sweetch was pleasantly surprised by Evapify's commitment to products developed in collaboration with the health authorities. Indeed, Evapify is coming to market with products whose ingredients, packaging and labelling have been developed in collaboration with the FOPH, the OSAV and the FDF.

Evapify, registered in Geneva, is part of a fast-growing group in Europe that supports a smoke-free lifestyle. Their wide product range includes Strip, Aiir, Crystal Bar, Crystal Plus and, most recently, Geek Bar, meeting the needs of Swiss smokers. A tight draw, quality e-liquid that can be traced, and real effectiveness when it comes to quitting smoking.

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The Recycling Issue : A Common Challenge

The question of recycling remained to be resolved. Sweetch and Evapify are striving to create their own recycling chain despite the obstacles, making progress every day towards a more satisfying solution. All Sweetch shops have recycling bins so that used e-cigs can be collected and transported to a recycling specialist.

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Conclusion : A Partnership for the Future of Vape in Switzerland

The results are in : our customers often start their journey with Evapify's Strip Iced, known for its remarkable effectiveness in helping them give up traditional cigarettes. They are then seduced by more ecological solutions, such as Crystal Plus, equipped with a rechargeable battery and pre-filled pods. Gradually, their interest is also shifting to more traditional vape systems such as pods and mods.

In conclusion, the partnership between Evapify Switzerland and Sweetch has marked the start of a promising vape future in Switzerland, with products tailored to the most demanding vapers, and designed to offer a safe alternative to smokers.

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch team

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