Vampire Vape, a key player in the world of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, continues to innovate and surprise vape enthusiasts with its new 100ml range. This British brand, known for its iconic flavours such as Heisenberg and Pinkman, has recently launched new versions of its signature e-liquids.


Vampire Vape was launched in early 2012 and has quickly established itself as a leading brand in the vaping world. Its Heisenberg and Pinkman e-liquids have won over vapers around the world thanks to their unique and inimitable flavours.

Heisenberg stands out for its minty red fruit notes, offering a refreshing and intense vape experience. In contrast, Pinkman has a sweet and tangy blend of lemon, grapefruit, orange and red fruits, creating an explosion of flavours in mouth.

The success of these recipes has led Vampire Vape to produce them in different formats : nicotine salts, 50ml e-liquids and concentrated DIY flavours. This diversity allows them to meet the needs and preferences of all vapers.


Pinkman Apple

Vampire Vape doesn't stop there, and continues to innovate with the launch of new flavours of its iconic e-liquids. The brand recently released new versions of both Heisenberg and Pinkman.

Pinkman Apple

Pinkman Apple is a revamped version of the original recipe, enriched with sour green apples. This combination delivers a sweet, grenadine-like vape experience where the apple flavour takes over slightly. Pinkman fans will appreciate this new fruity dimension, adding a touch of zing to the recipe.

Score : 8 / 10

Pinkman Blue Razz

Pinkman Blue Razz

Pinkman Blue Razz is a highly successful fusion of red fruits and blue berries. Its sweet and slightly tangy notes make this version stand out, offering an explosion of refreshing flavours in mouth.

Less candy-like than the original, this variant will appeal to vapers looking for something new, while preserving the Pinkman spirit.

Score : 9 / 10

Pinkman Watermelon

Pinkman Watermelon

Pinkman Watermelon combines the sweetness of watermelon with the freshness of red berries. This version is light and sweet, perfect for sunny days.

The watermelon, subtly in the background, adds a tropical dimension to the recipe, while delivering a sweet mouthfeel.

Score : 7.7 / 10

Heisenberg Cola Ice

Heisenberg Cola Ice

Heisenberg Cola Ice is a twist on the famous Heisenberg, infused with a touch of iced cola. This unique blend combines the familiar taste of cola with the minty, aniseed notes characteristic of Heisenberg.

The result is a sweet and refreshing vape, ideal for thrill seekers and fans of unique flavours.

Score : 8.5 / 10


Vampire Vape continues to push back the boundaries of creativity with its new range of 100ml e-liquids. Declinations of the famous Heisenberg and Pinkman offer refreshing and varied vape experiences to satisfy all preferences. Whether you're a fan of fruity, minty or sweet flavours, you'll love these new recipes.

Don't wait any longer to try these new products and enrich your e-liquid collection with the daring creations of Vampire Vape.

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