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Boissy-Saint-Léger, a pretty little district of the Val-de-Marne nestled in a forest south-east of Paris. This is where the Savourea e-liquid brand adventure began, and where the story of the French manufacturer continues to be written.

Making vapers happy ! It was with this simple idea that the Savourea brand founders entered the world of e-liquids in 2013. They are passionate about vaping, and discovered the e-liquid world through their personal experience when they were trying to quit smoking.

Today, Savourea is a steadily growing brand with European success, offering a wide variety of collections so that every consumer can enjoy vaping. Fruity, classic, or sweet, every flavour is represented in the different Savourea e-liquid lines.


The e-liquid manufacturer Savourea has its own production complex within the company, allowing it to control the manufacture of its products from conception to marketing.
The SavourLab brings together flavourists and chemists, whose know-how and talent have led to the creation of some of the finest products on the e-liquid market.

Savourea is extremely rigorous when it comes to the quality and origin of its products, favouring French or European sources for the ingredients used in its e-liquids.
Subject to strict specifications, Savourea e-liquids are manufactured according to a protocol that includes analyses at every stage of production, to guarantee consumers a product of impeccable quality.

Savourea e-liquids have numerous certifications, a real guarantee of quality for vapers who are increasingly demanding in terms of health safety and the protection of the environment. The ISO 9001 standard attests to the pharmaceutical quality of the ingredients (including nicotine) and the ECOCERT FR-BIO-01 certification guarantees the organic nature of some ingredients. Savourea e-liquids have AFNOR certification, a guarantee of French manufacture, and Ecocert certification for their environmental friendliness.


Here at Sweetch, we've always preferred to work with manufacturers with the highest quality e-liquids and the best safety guarantees, so that our vaper-customers are always satisfied.

Savourea, with its reputation for reliability, has naturally found a place of choice in our catalogue. Several of their ranges are represented :

Le Petit Verger
This is Savourea's 100% fruity range. Orchard fruits mix with tropical fruits within the same bottle, to please vapers craving sunshine.
Savourea has introduced us to new flavours such as dragon fruit, soursop, and snake fruit.
These juices are colourful and invigorating, to whisk your electronic cigarette away to warmer climates. Most of the e-liquids in this range are available in a 'fresh' version in the Le Petit Verger Frais range.

Savourea's Dictator line is dedicated to South America. Its vegetation, culinary history and culture are distilled into dreamy creations.
Fruity like Cactus e-liquid, or sweet like Dulce and its caramelised vanilla cream with a hint of whisky, your e-cig will be dancing the Samba on a Punta Cana beach.


Le Petit Gourmet
Here, it's all about sweetness, indulgence, and nostalgia.
If your childhood favourite is Tiramisu, chocolate mousse or palet breton, Le Petit Gourmet collection will bring back fond memories.
100% delicious, with a faithful flavour restitution, this selection is a real success with our vaping customers.

Le Petit Gourmet

American Dream
Another mouth-watering e-liquid range, this time with American desserts.
It's all there : the big cookie with its chocolate chips, the donut, the popcorn and the caramel latte.
Your American Dream is just an e-cig away for sweet vapour puffs.


French manufacturer Savourea has been a pioneer of the 50/50 PG/VG ratio, with the objective of helping as many vapers as possible to find pleasure in vaping as an imperative for sticking to their difficult journey to quit smoking. This ratio also adapts to all e-cigarettes sold on the market.

How does Savourea see the future ? With the same determination to anticipate consumers' needs and desires, and to continue to make their vape break a blissful experience.
This constant quest for novelty and improvement on their part means that we can look forward to pleasant surprises with even more stunning new products.

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch team