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For 10 years, Sweetch has worked with trusted partners to bring you the very best of electronic cigarettes.
Among these partners, Vincent Dans Les Vapes (VDLV), specialising in the manufacture of e-liquids, has established itself over the years as a leading player in the industry, sharing common values with Sweetch.

VDLV was created as a result of the vision and determination of its two founders, Vincent Cuisset and Charly Pairaud. Their objective was clear : to provide consumers with quality French products, while guaranteeing the safety of vapers.

To guarantee the quality of its products, VDLV carries out numerous tests. All e-liquids are manufactured in their production lab in Cestas, France. The meticulous selection of high-quality natural and synthetic flavours reflects the company's ongoing commitment to the satisfaction and safety of vapers.


The story of VDLV began in 2010, with Vincent Cuisset and his introduction to vaping. Convinced by the potential of personal vaporizers to help people quit smoking, he nevertheless wondered about the ingredients and traceability of e-liquids. His questioning led him to introduce strict standards, giving birth to VDLV's first brand, Vincent Dans Les Vapes, in 2012.

Over the years, VDLV has broadened its range with the launch of CirKus in 2014, which quickly became a hit with experienced vapers looking for more complex, tasty products.

In 2017, the company achieved a major innovation by developing the first nicotine exclusively dedicated to vaping : Vaping Grade Nicotine. Since March 2019, all VDLV e-liquids have been produced with this French vape nicotine.

In 2021, VDLV launched a new brand, V'ICE, featuring fresh, fruity e-liquids. This initiative demonstrates the company's ability to innovate and meet the varied needs of vapers.

By the end of 2022, VDLV announced the acquisition of Distrivapes and its historic 814 brand. A true vaping adventure back in the age of Kings, VDLV's 814 liquids now include tasty, complex recipes for your pleasure.


In 2013, Sweetch's directors met Vincent and his team for the first time. They were looking for a brand that best matched their values of health, quality, and advice.

Naturally, a bond was established, and a few months later, the first Sweetch shops opened featuring Vincent Dans Les Vapes liquids !
The first few years were difficult, with the prohibition of nicotine-based products, followed by the rise of competing brands based on synthetic flavours. It wasn't easy for VDLV and Sweetch to establish themselves, but thanks to our shared values, we came through these challenges together and emerged stronger than ever.

Indeed, at Sweetch, 2018 was a turning point, with the brand's rise thanks to the introduction of its large formats. The launch of the Cirkus shortfills, followed by the Classic Wanted, perfectly aligned with Swiss vapers' expectations. We quickly became VDLV's main representative in Switzerland.

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Sweetch has always been the first to share the latest VDLV products with you. The V'ice range, the 814s and the new Cirkus flavours have all been available here first.

Today, we're happy to introduce ourselves as a family moving forward together in the vaping world. Our daily exchanges, our joint initiatives, and a few convivial evenings bear witness to our strong collaboration.

That's why, in 2024, Sweetch is delighted to present some unique and exclusive liquids : Classic Original, Classic Hampton and Menthe Fraîche in 50ml bottles. These three world exclusivities, initially popular in 10ml format, are now available in larger bottles.


We won't stop here. VDLV will always be part of the Sweetch DNA, and we'll be at your side to help you quit smoking, with several surprises lined up.

New projects are in the pipeline and will delight Swiss vapers over the course of the year : 50ml formats, nicotine salts, goodies, and many more, we hope.

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch team