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Don’t panic, let us explain !

Publié le : 2019-09-27 10:02:57
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If you drank cyanide, would you blame the glass for the consequences that follow ?
A wind of panic is blowing over the world of e-cigarettes. Because of our media who directly accuse them of the various hospitalizations and deaths in the United States. However, these are related to the products that people put in their e-cigarette and not to the e-cigarette itself ! Let's untangle the real from the fake and above all, let’s stop panicking !


An ice-cold wind is blowing on the world of vaping following the media bombardment in recent weeks about the fact that vaping causes serious lung diseases and even kills.

Let’s take a step back : vaping is not responsible for the hundreds or so hospitalizations and the deaths in the United States!

The Swiss and international media are reporting fake news without specifying - or just quickly and at the end of the article – the exact reasons for those lung diseases found on the other side of the world. Isn’t it surprising how in the past 10 years of people vaping, not one specific disease has been discovered that can be attributed to it and now there are suddenly hundreds of cases in a few months and only in the United States ? Surprisingly, the average age of those who have been hospitalized is 19 years, while most vapers are generally between 30 and 40 years old. Aren't the numbers troubling ? If we look more closely, we see that the experts are formal : the products vaped were from the black market, therefore uncontrolled, and they were more specifically THC oils, usually diluted with vitamin E acetate to give the illusion of a higher THC concentration.

Every specialist will tell you: you should NEVER vape oils !

Prof. Delile, president of the Federation of Addictology, rightly explains : "Oils prevent exchanges with oxygen, which explains these respiratory failures, with obstructive pulmonary disease, like the one we see in very heavy smokers." Basically, when you vape oils, fine droplets stick to the lungs and prevent their proper functioning.

Prof. Dautzenberg, a pneumologist, tobacco specialist and president of Paris without tobacco, explains that "people, by obvious misuse, outrageously put oily cannabis extract in electronic cigarettes. It makes like mayonnaise and it destroys the lungs. That's why they're sick."

Considering this "epidemic", Trump has decided to ban any aromas other than tobacco flavoured e-liquids and some American states go even further by banning the sale or even the use of e-cigarettes !

Let’s take a look at a few examples :

  • If we put cyanide in a glass, we know it's dangerous. But we're not going to ban all glasses !
  • If we put weedkiller in a vase of flowers, we know they’ll die. But we're not going to ban all vases !
  • If we put tabasco on a toothbrush, we know it's going to burn. But we're not going to ban all toothbrushes !

Vaping is not the issue, the products people put in their e-cigarettes are !

Vaping is not dangerous if you are careful about the products you put in it. On the contrary, vaping saves lives, it’s 95% less harmful than cigarettes !

Make no mistake about it. It's cigarettes that kill !

To avoid any problems, simply buy your liquids exclusively in specialized shops ! Sweetch is committed to selling only quality and controlled products. We’ll happily inform and advise you.


Fake news have been circulating for several weeks now in the press, claiming that vaping kills. Make no mistake about it ! It's cigarettes that kill, not e-cigarettes ! Hospitalizations and deaths reported in the United States are related to the fact that people have vaped THC oils from the black market. And everybody knows that you should never vape oils !
If someone died after drinking cyanide, you wouldn’t blame the glass ? It's the same here.

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