Smoking cessation represents a major challenge, often requiring several attempts to quit for good. As well as the physical aspects, the psychological dimension plays a crucial role in this struggle. Innovative products such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products offer new alternatives. 

A recent study by British researchers explores the psychological differences between heated-tobacco users and vapers, highlighting the importance of the smoker's identity in the cessation process.

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The study involved 136 participants from London, divided into smokers, vapers, and heated tobacco users. Questions focused on smoker identity, withdrawal symptoms, desire to use their product, intention to stop using it, and perceptions of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.


The results suggest a higher risk of relapse and a stronger smoker identity among heated-tobacco users compared to vapers. 

Although heated tobacco is considered less harmful, the psychological aspect seems to play a crucial role in the success of quitting smoking. This study highlights the importance of taking these factors into account when developing effective smoking cessation strategies.

The study concludes that there is a greater risk of relapse to smoking or of dual use (heating tobacco while still smoking) among heated-tobacco users compared to vapers.

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The study acknowledges its limitations, particularly the small sample size. However, it does reveal significant trends suggesting that heated tobacco is less effective than vaping when it comes to smoking cessation.


Despite the reduced risks associated with heated tobacco, this study emphasises the importance of psychological aspects in the evaluation of smoking cessation methods. The risks of relapse and of maintaining a smoker's identity appear to be higher with heated tobacco than with vaping, offering important prospects for the development of effective smoking cessation strategies.

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