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Before retiring, Professor Jean-François Etter, a public health researcher at the University of Geneva and former director of, has published his conclusions on a study conducted over 8 years to determine changes in the behaviour of vapers over time.

He demonstrates clearly that most vapers who took part in the study gave up smoking for good thanks to electronic cigarettes during this period.


This study began in 2012, when people started using electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.

A relevant questionnaire on the subject was sent to many vapers, with 3105 responses recorded, including a proportion of 2763 vapers who were at least occasional smokers.

In 2021, another questionnaire was sent to these 2763 participants, eliciting 1141 responses.

A study of the responses from these participants showed that 375 of them were still vaping in 2021.

The study then focused on analysing changes in this group of 375 vapers.

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The study put into perspective the link that existed in 2012 for these vapers between giving up smoking and electronic cigarettes, and their reasons for still vaping in 2021. Of the 375 long-term vapers who took part, only 11% are still vaper-smokers, while the rest have definitively waved goodbye to smoking. Not only have they quit smoking, but they state they have no fear of relapsing and, in fact, are no longer tempted by traditional cigarettes.


The study also highlighted the position of these vapers regarding their nicotine habit.

It's clear that while they haven't given up their e-cig yet, the nicotine levels they need have dropped for 80% of subjects, and 35% would consider themselves ready to give up vaping for good. While the average nicotine concentration for the group in 2021 was calculated to be 6mg/ml, a significant reduction compared to 2012, their taste in e-liquids has also changed.

In 2012, 31% of participating vapers smoked exclusively tobacco-flavoured e-liquids. By 2021, only 18% were doing so. While many alternate flavours, only a quarter of them have completely left tobacco flavour behind.

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The study shows that in the long term, not only have many vapers left tobacco behind, but that some of them are even ready to give up nicotine and vaping too. The electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation tool works and its effects last over time.

If only those involved in global health could just remove the blinkers that prevent them from accepting reality, and promote this successful, life-saving tool...

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