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Interview of Alain Vogel – Swiss Vaps

Publié le : 2019-04-30 10:51:42
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Created in 2018, the Swiss Vaps brand is born out of the passion of its two founders. Their goal is to create Swiss premium quality e-liquids, with subtle and elaborate flavours. Each of their products is manufactured in Switzerland, that is the cradle of their inspiration.

Taking the opportunity of the launch of their latest e-liquid Matucana – of Latin American origin – we have interviewed Alain Vogel, a founding partner of Swiss Vaps.

We thank him for his availability and the authenticity of his answers.

Let’s start with a little self-introduction Alain. How did you come to the world of vaping ?

I discovered vaping approximately ten years ago, when it arrived in Switzerland. I have to admit that I was not immediately hooked – probably because the products did not contain any nicotine and because the range of flavours was very limited. I quickly got interested in making my own e-liquids, however, and one thing leading to another, I learned the nuts and bolts to become a juice-maker myself.

So how did the idea of making your own e-liquids come to you ?

When I started vaping, there were not many e-liquids on the market and the choice of flavours was very limited. Already at the time, I mixed different liquids to obtain one that I liked.
My passion for flavours, cocktails and cooking helped me translate that into the vaping world. At that time, the DIY was not only about diluting concentrate into a base. It was a real search for true aromas and flavours. From starting with mixing ready-to-use e-liquids, I evolved into elaborating my own recipes, which true to say were a lot more simple than the ones I work on today.
It is actually at the front door of my partner, Serge Rosato-Rossi, that we had this idea of creating juices underpinned by our passion. I could not simply remain a spectator: I wanted to contribute to drive the change in a market that I was watching grow every day. Nothing more was needed for use to take the jump and create Swiss Vaps.

Where does this name come from actually ?

J We wanted to highlight our “Swissness” or even “Swissitude”, and leave no doubt on the origin of the brand. That it be easily recognizable and mark the spirits. As my partner had the same point of view, the brand was born.
The name does sound a little “cliché”, but I am proud to carry the brand beyond our borders and demonstrate our local expertise.

What were key points of the journey and possible difficulties you may have faced during all these years ?

The biggest difficulty for us was to transcribe our knowhow from the world of cosmetics – where we come from – to the one of vaping. Despite us having the same standards of quality, the approach is different. Even with our knowledge, the first steps were difficult as we were a little too cautious maybe. It took us some time in order to become bolder and free our minds. One of the key moments was when we got an invitation as a brand to the biggest Vapero organized in France. It was a clear recognition of our vaping peers.

alain vogel swiss vape interview sweetch suisse

What is the story behind the Macchiato Vero, an e-liquid very much appreciated by our customers ?

I am crazy about coffee and would infuse it directly to my veins if I could. As the father-in-law of my son Brian also wanted a coffee-flavoured e-liquid, I got started. The real difficulty was in finding the right dosage in order to have a pronounced taste of coffee without at the same time over-shadowing the other flavours. Many versions were tested before getting to the final one.

Do you have certain recipes that you have kept to yourself and not launched on the market ?

Yes of course. There are in fact many. Some that I am still working on refining, and others that I have archived. By nature of principle, I write down all my ideas on paper and work on them subsequently in order to find out what I can make of them. As a matter of fact I intend to bring back up a certain number of recipes in this current year.

And how did you get the idea of the Matucana and its surprising ingredients ?

I wanted to create an e-liquid that embodied the spirit of Latin America. I therefore looked into the typical fruits of that region, while at the same time keeping in mind the direction I was striving to follow. I tasted the avocado flavour for the first time during a Vapero last year. I immediately sensed a good potential, and it thereby became an ingredient of the recipe. It was the perfect opportunity to put it into an e-liquid. The hardest part was in fact to find a name that was representative of the e-liquid created. .

alain vogel swiss vape interview sweetch suisse

How do you get such original ideas and from them create an association of flavours that work so well ?

I can’t really explain it. I have created a mental library in my head, and I can imagine what the different associations will deliver. It is a little bit like for the high-end perfumers in the cosmetics industry: I define the aromas in my head, from heart and memory, in order to mix them and create harmonious recipes.

Any novelties you are working on that you would mind to share with us ?

There will be a very creamy savoury flavour coming out soon, and some tasty fruity ones for this summer.
Dear Alain, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions.
Wish to discover the Swiss Vaps range for yourselves? Please follow this link. Our website contains a whole list of e-liquids made in Switzerland, for those of you that have chosen to vape local products and favour local quality manufacturing.

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention. We appreciate your interest in reading this article and your loyalty to our brand.

The sweetch team

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