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Interview with Robin Bourraindeloup, Sales Manager at Enovap

Publié le : 2019-07-22 16:07:59
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Interview Enovap


After meeting the Enovap team at Vapexpo in 2017 and discovering its prototype, we’ve now decided to welcome this innovation in our range. Robin Bourraindeloup, Sales Manager at Enovap, kindly took the time to answer our questions.


Enovap, a technological innovation in the world of vaping. Indeed, this box commercialized early 2019 after 4 long years of conception, incorporates several innovative technologies. Equipped with 2 pods of 2ml each, it allows to vary the nicotine level during the day or to mix 2 flavours. For more information about the product, check out our 10 days with the Enovap.

Following this Sweetch launch, we had the pleasure of talking with Robin Bourraindeloup, Sales Manager at Enovap :

How did you come up with the idea for ENOVAP ?

The idea of creating the technology to control one's nicotine level was born from a very simple reflection : Alexandre, a Master's student at ECE Paris, an engineering school, was equipped with two e-cigarettes, one in 6mg/ml and the other in 18mg/ml, in order to meet his different needs during the day and evening.

As part of their final project, Alexandre and five other friends of his embarked on this concept of a double tank e-cigarette equipped with the power to control each tank. Indeed, if in the first tank we have 0mg/ml and in the second one 12mg/ml, and we set both sides on the same power (50/50), we get 6mg/ml.

The idea quickly seduced people, even winning the gold medal at the Lepine Competition in 2014.

Interview Enovap

How did the development of the technology go ?

Despite the skills of each of the founders, creating a product from scratch requires a lot of patience and work. The development of the technology has therefore taken a long time, especially when looking for financing and the right partners. But what I will remember from this development are the opportunities we’ve had during these four years of development allowing us to have a successful product like this one.

The development of Enovap involves different points : the mechanical part (the structure of the product) - the electronic part (the design of the electronic map and the technology for the management of the powers) - the artificial intelligence part (in collaboration with the CNRS to develop algorithms) - the mobile application part, as well as the entire health data management part.

We quickly had a lot of support from the e-cigarette world thanks to our innovation that would revolutionize the way we vape. Vaping specialists, scientists and others helped us in the development of Enovap.

We are really proud to release a product like this one after all these years which had, as you can imagine, ups and downs. Starting a business with such a strong potential and going through the whole process is an unforgettable experience !

What were the key milestones ?

2014-2015 : The beginning
First, we had to acquire the characteristics related to e-cigarettes, its operation, its specificities, build the right business model, work on designing the technology from both an industrial and electronic point of view. I was talking about it earlier, but the victory of the gold medal at the Lepine Competition was a real key element for the brand. It has really strengthened us in the potential of this technology. A few months later, Enovap SAS was created.

2016 : The development
In order to development the product and technology, a key aspect was financing. This step was all the more difficult as investors are very " cautious ", e-cigarettes being associated with tobacco products in France. As a result, we launched a crowdfunding campaign that was very successful with more than 200% of the goals being achieved. This was our first contact with our customers and it was a real success for us. Finally, we managed to raise 1 million euros at the end of the year to finance the prototype models.

2017 : The manufacturing
I was talking earlier about opportunities and good partners, we had the chance to meet a very experienced industrial developper who believed in us and who helped us to make the right choices of industrialization and manufacturing partners. After visiting many manufacturers in China, we decided to use Kangertech's production lines. But let’s be clear, all the research and design were done by us in France. We then launched a number of prototypes, followed by many adjustments and even strategic changes (for example the decision to use of a pod-system). At the end of the year, we were again raising funds to finance the preseries and the first batches of production.

2018 : The Preseries
Preseries are small productions to test the manufacturing processes (from the mold of each part or component to the factory gate). We did three preseries in total before we knew that everything was ok for a large-scale launch. It was a very frustrating moment for us because the product was there, functional, but not perfect. And we had to be patient again. At the end of the year, we were ready.

Interview Enovap

What are your best memories ?

Personally, I would say the reactions of visitors during the tradeshows. Whether they are professionals or individuals, the "wow" effect is truly unique every time and it gives a lot of strength and confidence in what we are creating. Visitors always have that curious approach to the product and its double tank, "what is this ?". As we explain, we can see their eyes widening. They try it and it’s the surprise, the revelation of what’s possible !

What about unpleasant surprises ?

The unpleasant surprise was when we were told a delay was going to be necessary for the release of the product. We know that this dealy is necessary for the product to be even better, but when you are almost at the end, it’s frustrating. Especially from a commercial point of view.

How long did it take you all together ? From the idea to the commercialization ?

Four years. It may sound like a lot, but it was necessary. I do not regret anything. We had hard times and moments of intense joy. Setting up a business means a lot of risks and you have to be patient to grow and be stable. Enovap launched beginning of January now, and our customers satisfaction is a real success for us !

Do you use it personally ?

Of course! I mostly use the Hit Control mode, for nicotine management, during the day and in the evening when I go out with friends.

Were you a smoker ? Vaper ? What was your intake ? For how long ?

I was a smoker, indeed, almost one pack a day. I started to quit smoking with different devices at first (the Enovap was not yet functional), but I always found myself in trouble at night when I was going out, so I had to be a vapo-smoker for a year. That’s when you realize the value of being able to increase your nicotine at times.

Who’s ENOVAP for ? What’s your target ?

Enovap is really a multi-target product. But I would say that our first target are vapo-smokers. This segment represents one in two vapers in France, it's huge. We are talking about all those who can't quit some cigarettes (the one in the morning, after a meal, in the evening with a drink, etc.).

It’s obviously also aimed at smokers, the goal being to find the best alternative to quit smoking by adapting their consumption to their needs.

Finally concerning the Flavor Mix part, I would say that the Enovap touches the exclusive segment of vapers who do not necessarily use nicotine and who will be able to have fun creating their own flavours during the day.

Are there any hidden specificities to discover with this device ?

Something you're not going to find are the Watts. Indeed, to make it easier for people discovering e-cigarettes, we chose to speak in percentage of steam. From 10% to 100% we adapt the percentage as we want. The Enovap will automatically determine the right wattage based on the resistance you have, in order to avoid dry-hits.

What would you like to share with our readers and vapers ?

Come and test the Enovap in Sweetch shops ;)

A big thank you to Robin for taking the time to answer us and to the entire Enovap team for these 4 long years of work !

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