Vape Holiday Travel Safe


The day has arrived, your bags are packed, and no last-minute problems to worry about. You look over your checklist one last time : the cat is staying with your mother-in-law, the fridge is empty, and the sprinkler system is in place.

But before your long-awaited departure, have you checked that your electronic cigarette is welcome on your holiday destination ?

Here are a few essential rules.


AIRPLANE : It is not permitted to store your electronic cigarette and batteries in checked luggage. You must take them with you in your carry-on bag, switched off of course.

Your e-liquids can also travel in the cabin if they are packaged in bottles of less than 100ml and in a clear plastic bag, otherwise leave them in your suitcase.

Remember, though, that vaping is strictly forbidden on board your flight.

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TRAIN : No restrictions on transport or packaging, but a general ban on using your e-cig on board the train.

BOAT : Regulations may vary slightly from one cruise company to another, but in general they are subject to the same restrictions as for conventional cigarettes. You will therefore be allowed to smoke in areas dedicated specifically to this purpose.

Finally, your batteries must be in a suitable protective case, never loose at the bottom of your bag ! 


There is no harmonised legislation or regulations governing the import, purchase, or use of vaping equipment anywhere in the world. Each country has its own rules, but it's possible to classify countries into different categories.

IN EUROPE, most countries operate using similar rules to those for cigarettes : where you can't smoke, you can't vape.

However, you should be wary of countries such as Denmark, where it's illegal to consume e-liquids other than tobacco flavour or menthol. 

In Norway, e-cigarettes are regarded as a medical product and are illegal to import, so you'll need a certificate of residence and a prescription before you can buy one.

Some countries, such as Australia and Hong Kong, ban the use of nicotine liquids.

In Japan, you are also banned from buying vape products, so be prepared before you leave.

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Other countries, such as Cambodia, Turkey, Brazil, and Argentina, prohibit the import of vape equipment.

You'll have to leave your e-cig at home and buy your vaping products locally.

In Indonesia, you won't be able to take your electronic cigarette with you, and you'll need a doctor's prescription if you want to buy products locally.

In countries such as Brunei, India, Singapore, Thailand and the Seychelles, vaping is simply illegal throughout the country, with no exemptions possible. You'll have to resort to patches or gums to regulate your nicotine levels while you're on holiday.


This list is obviously not complete, but it can be used to highlight the different types of regulation that exist around the world.

Be vigilant and find out all you can before you leave. Some countries do not take kindly to offenders, and this can result in heavy fines or even prison. 

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch team

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