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Special Sweetch Kit - 10 days with the Sweetch kit dotSquonk 100W and dotRDA

Publié le : 2019-04-17 10:33:24
Catégories : Material / E-liquids

sweetch kit dotmod single coil dotsquonk 100w


We believe that our real value added is our advice and experience of our teams. As such, we share with you today our experience using a high-end combination of products.

We have the pleasure to present you this high-end combination that we really hold close to our hearts: the dotSquonk 100W and the dotRDA Single Coil of dotMod.

Let’s talk about this combination

Arnaud, our head of sales, explains the why of this combination: “It is THE kit for geeks, experts and collectors. It is absolutely beautiful and extremely efficient, both for vaping and flavour rendering”.

The dotSquonk 100W is the first bottom-feeder of the brand. The aesthetics are incredible, the materials of high quality, and it has all the functionalities you can expect from a box of this standing. With a capacity of 8ml, it has everything to please. The sobriety of this box is breath-taking, the only visible button being the trigger. All other adjustment buttons are hidden under one of the removable sides of the box, which avoids any involuntary dysregulation.

The dotRDA Single Coil is a reconstructible atomizer, geared towards flavour rendering.

Now that we have reviewed the technical aspects, let’s talk about our experience with the combination.

sweetch kit dotmod single coil dotsquonk 100w


We asked Rémy, a long-time vaper that has always used reconstructibles, to test this combination. He tested it with the Sweetch e-liquid Mood Happy – for those who are always in a good mood and wish to stay that way.

His impressions:

What was your first impression when seeing this combination?
I found it simply great. The fact of combining the electronics of the squonk, to be allowed to change the power wattage and have a squonk at the back is extremely practical and satisfying.

First feeling?
I have always vaped with high-end equipment. Which is the case here, but with a very easy to mount and use combination. Everything is extremely practical, and the coil is inserted without any difficulty at all.

So can you share your experience using this combination?
First, it has an excellent autonomy. The battery lasted the whole day. The box is very ergonomic – everything is exactly at the right place. Once the level of power is chosen, no further adjustments are needed. The fact that the detailed adjustment buttons are under the visible panel avoids any involuntary dysregulation. The squonk bottle is soft enough, so the e-liquid rises easily. And from my point of view, the flavour rendering is among the best on the market.

Did you meet any difficulties?
You need to really squeeze the squonk bottle in order to remove it, which can induce e-liquid to rise involuntariy. The hidden buttons are very convenient, but that implies removing the panel in order to access them. But this really is a minor point, as the settings don’t need to be changed frequently at all. At times, some e-liquid can be found on the repository from small leaks.

To who would you recommend this combination?
This is clearly a combination for experts. One has to understand how squonks work. However, thinking it over, even an intermediate vaper could find pleasure in using it, as the setup is very simple to use. Finally, as it is clearly geared toward flavour rendering, it is not really made for cloud-chasers, even if it does allow generating large clouds.

sweetch kit dotmod single coil dotsquonk 100w

dotSquonk 100W

  • Size : 82 x 49 x 28mm
  • Capacity : 8 ml
  • Temperature control: Ni / Ti / SS
  • Batteries : 18650 / 20700 / 21700 (not included)
  • Power : 100W
  • Resistance : 0.08 - 3.0 ohms
  • Materials: anodized aluminium, silicone and steel
  • Weight : 127g

dotRDA Single Coil

  • Type : dripper RDA
  • Diameter : 22mm
  • Deck : gold-plated 24k
  • Tank : 7mm depth
  • Inhalation type : direct
  • Filling : BF / dripper
  • Mounting : mono coil

Positive points

  • Flavour rendering
  • Autonomy
  • The fact that is is an electro squonk

Negative points

  • Occasional leaks
  • The first scratch on the box hurts
  • The box is rather massive – it will not fit in small pockets


A combination thought and created for expert vapers, the squonk electro will seduce through its capacity and flavour rendering. The autonomy is excellent, the capacity of 8ml, the ergonomic aspects are perfect, and the design refined and high-end. This combination is made to please!

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention. We appreciate your interest in reading this article and your loyalty to our brand.

The sweetch team

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