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Special Sweetch Kit: 10 days with the Sweetch kit Luxe and Cascade Baby Tank 5ml

Publié le : 2019-04-26 09:37:41
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sweetch luxe kit cascade 5ml suisse cigarette electronique


Sweetch has at heart to propose to you the best that electronic cigarettes can offer. We rely as much on the quality of our products as on their efficiency.

We are pleased to present to you today a combination of two Vaporesso products. Their design is sobre and classy, and they are of exceptional quality at a reasonable price: the Luxe box and the Cascade Baby Tank 5ml.

sweetch luxe kit cascade 5ml suisse cigarette electronique

Let’s talk about this combo

Arnaud, our head of sales, explains why he chose to combine these two products: “ the Luxe kit usually comes with the Skrr 5ml clearomizer, but many vapers are looking for a kit that weighs a little less – hence our choice”..

The Luxe of Vaporesso is an electronic mod with double batteries and is very efficient. Its design and finishing are very slick. The box looks just great. Its semi-tactile screen, the speed of charge, its ergonomy and its performance will not leave you indifferent.

The Cascade Baby Tank of Vaporesso has a capacity of 5ml. It is geared toward an aerial type of vaping. It has isolating properties that very much limit the number of dry hits and thereby increase the lifespan of the resistances used. The flavour rendering is constant and intense. It is compatible with GT resistances, whose technology allows to produce large and dense clouds of vapour while keeping the flavours pure, even at low levels of power.

Now that we have reviewed the technical elements, let’s move on to the test itself!

So ?

We asked Steve, our head of logistics, to test this combination. Steve is a long-time vaper, and he shares his impressions with us below:

What was your first impression when seeing this combination of products?
At first glance, it did not appear very novel to me, for a very simple reason: all double-battery boxes are similar in shape, so I did not see there any special form of innovation. I did however find it very classy. I really like the matt aspect of the box’s sides, which is reproduced on the atomizer – they go very well together.

How did it first feel in your hand?
My first surprise was the box’s weight. It is heavy, even without the batteries installed. It does offer however a very good feel in the palm of the hand – despite mine not being very big...

What was your experience with this combo?
I liked its reactivity – one press on the fire button and it ignites instantly. In my eyes, the GT Mesh are much more reactive and adapted to this combination than the GT Core. Changing the resistances is extremely easy – they simply screw onto the space planned for them. The filling with e-liquids is just as easy – you just need to lift and push the ring where the arrow shows a marking. The access to the batteries is magnetic, which I usually do not like or trust. But here is works very well – the batteries fit perfectly and do not move. I cannot really speak regarding the batteries’ autonomy, as I regularly switch with my other boxes. That being said, I only charged it once a week! This indeed indicates an excellent level of autonomy. The flavour rendering is very good. I tested it with one of the new e-liquids of Sweetch: Mood Angry. This is a mix of red fruit, black raisin, eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol. The menu is very detailed and allows multiple adjustments. The only problem I faced is that it was in English …

Did you meet with any difficulties?
Not really. If I have to name one, I would say to get into the habit regarding filling the e-liquid. But after a couple of tries, it becomes very simple too.s.

To whom would you recommend this combination?
To intermediate or expert vapers. A beginner will find it difficult to start with this box given the number of possibilities to adjust the settings. It is also very much suited to those loving to generate large clouds of vapour.

Luxe :

  • Height : 89 mm
  • Length : 48 mm
  • Width : 29.5 mm
  • Temperature control : Ni / Ti / SS
  • Passthrough : yes
  • Batteries : 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Power : 220W
  • Resistances : 0.03 - 5.0 ohms

Cascade Baby Tank :

  • Height : 58mm
  • Diameter : 24.5mm
  • Capacity : 5ml
  • Drip tip : type 510
  • Material : stainless steel, pyrex

Positive points

  • Reactivity
  • Autonomy
  • Huge clouds of vapour

Negative points

  • Weight
  • Menu in English only
  • The time re-initializes when the box is switched off for a long time


This combo is really geared towards generating large clouds – an aerial type of vaping. Its reactivity is great as is its autonomy. We would caution that the box’s menu is in English only – to be improved. This is ideal set up for expert vapers or intermediate vapers that wish to generate large clouds of vapour.

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention. We appreciate your interest in reading this article and your loyalty to our brand.

The sweetch team

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