Vapoter en Suisse : nouvelle règlementation en 2024


The vaping industry has been in the news a lot in recent years. Although it is the best way to quit smoking, it has been the target of controversy, particularly among young people in Switzerland. Vaping and e-cigarettes are finally going to be regulated by law in Switzerland.

Up to now, there was no legislation governing sales to consumers. In 2024, this will no longer be the case. Vaping products, e-cigs and e-liquids will be treated just like tobacco products.

Here's an overview of what this will mean for Swiss vapers. We'll be looking at the extent to which these regulations will affect vapers, and the extent to which their implementation will benefit everyone.


Vaping as we have known it for the last ten years in Switzerland will no longer be the same in 2024.

First, this law should be enforced during the year, probably by summer 2024. The important points for consumers are :

• Any liquid containing nicotine will have to be available in 10ml format or less with a maximum nicotine concentration of 20mg/ml.

What does this mean for you ? Well, you will no longer be able to ask your sales staff for nicotine in 50ml or more. Rest assured, these large-format liquids will not disappear, but they must be used with 10ml nicotine boosters containing 20mg/ml. Basically, you'll be able to buy these liquids and add your own nicotine boosters, but you'll be limited to 3mg or 6mg. Between 1 and 2 boosters can be added to shortfill versions, but beyond that, your e-juice will be too diluted and will lose flavour. So, it's time for e-juice fans to lower their nicotine levels or switch to smaller 10ml formats.

• All nicotine-containing e-liquids, whatever the rate, will be taxed !

And yes, even though we still lack a great deal of reliable information on the subject, it's certain that these tobacco-like products will be subject to tax. The law provides for a CHF 2 tax on every 10ml of nicotine-containing e-liquid. It also provides for a tax on disposable electronic cigarettes (Puffs), which will be taxed at CHF 1 per millilitre, i.e. CHF 2, since these products must not contain more than 2ml.

Vape en Suisse en 2024 : les changements !


So yes, that sounds like a lot of restrictions for a product designed to reduce the risks associated with smoking. It will have quite an impact on our habits, but it will not be unmanageable. It will prevent any bad practices and guarantee precise, safe nicotine delivery, as you will be vaping controlled, laboratory-finished products.

As far as the tax is concerned, it's obviously a negative point, but vaping will remain much cheaper than smoking, and this tax will have the benefit of establishing vaping as a controlled, monitored, and responsible practice. We will no longer be marginals or witch doctors but acknowledged vapers. We can also expect to see a reduced choice in shops, since manufacturers and retailers will have to consider other aspects, such as new labelling, and some brands may not be able to do this because of the small Swiss market size.

But don't worry, there will still be many months to go before compliance is achieved, as the authorities seem to be opting for a 'smooth' transition.

All in all, if you vape liquids above 6mg/ml, you'll have to switch to 10ml formats in classic nicotine or nicotine salts. And taxes will of course increase the cost of vaping, but not as much as you might think. In fact, Sweetch strongly encourages you to become one of our Members Plus and enjoy all the benefits that will help to reduce this tax. And we won't stop there, the most important thing for us is and always will be to help you quit smoking, so keep up to date with our activities on the subject.

Thanks for reading.

Sweetch team

Vape en Suisse en 2024 et arrêt du tabac