With its Crystal Plus system and pre-filled pods, Evapify has taken the lead in this new mixed vaping trend.

A perfect compromise between a classic pod and a puff, it combines both sustainability and simplicity.

This time, the Sweetch team decided to entrust its 10-day review to Eva, one of our loyal customers, whom we have the pleasure of welcoming to our Geneva Cornavin shop. We asked her to tell us what she thought of the pre-filled cartridges and the different flavours available.

She kindly agreed to give us her feedback.

Evapify Crystal Plus


Sweetch has a range of Crystal Plus starter kits including a Crystal Plus battery and a cartridge of your favourite flavour, or the Solo Pen with a pre-filled cartridge sold separately.

With its chic, elegant design and modern colours, this e-cig is both easy to use and discreet to carry, measuring just 17x17x133.4mm.

Its built-in 400mAh battery is long-lasting and recharges via a USB-C cable.
The little plus : a white LED lights up every time you inhale.

All you have to do is pick your e-liquid from the 8 flavours available in disposable, pre-filled 2ml pods containing 20mg/ml of nicotine (the menthol pod is available in 0 or 20mg) and vape up to 600 puffs whenever you like. The pod clips magnetically onto the battery. All you have to do is inhale to start vaping.

The pod is clear so you can see how much liquid you're using, and has an built-in airflow so you can refine your vape experience.

The Crystal Plus kit combines the look and simplicity of a puff, with its pre-filled disposable pods, and the durability of a classic rechargeable pod.

Crystal Plus


After 10 days of use, we've asked Eva to answer a few questions to tell us about her experience with the Crystal Plus kit, which she decided to pair essentially with the Blue Fusion pod and its very fresh blue berries flavour and with the Menthol flavour pod.
Here are her reactions and recommendations :

What was your first impression when you saw this kit ? 

It's a very refined kit. The pen is very pretty and feminine with its very elegant crystal effect and its very nice colour gradient.
You can see straight away that it's easy to use, and makes you want to get started and use it.

How did you get started ? 

The small size of the pen makes it very easy to handle. As someone who's used to puffs, it's a concept that suits me perfectly.
I also liked the changeable pod system, which is more economical and longer-lasting.
To sum up, it was a success - it couldn't be simpler to use.

What's your experience with this kit ? 

The Blue Fusion flavour pod is amazing, beautifully balanced.

I'm a fan of mentholated e-liquids, but I hadn't yet found the juice that suited me between the overly 'bubble gum' and sweet taste, and the very intense mint. Crystal Plus Pod Menthol is the ideal compromise, and I'm thrilled.

A little bonus for me is that all I have to do is change pods when I want to vape without nicotine, like with the menthol flavour available in 0mg, so I can reduce my nicotine levels without switching flavours : incredibly simple.  

Have you encountered any difficulties ?

Crystal Plus' strength is its small size, which can also be its weakness. It can be difficult to save enough battery life over a long day. Personally, I opted to take a second pen just to be safe.
I also had the occasional problem of having to rotate the pods so that they would be recognised by the pen.
Otherwise, no real problems.

Who would you recommend this kit to ? 

First of all to all vape newbies looking for simplicity. What I didn't like when I first started vaping was getting liquid on my fingers when filling the cartridge, and having to change the coil on my e-cig. With the Crystal Plus kit, the transition to electronic cigarettes is smooth and straightforward.

As well as simplicity, regular puff users will find this kit more economical and environmentally friendly.
Finally, I'd recommend this kit to all vapers looking for an extra device, whether for the office or when you're out and about.


  • Dimensions : 17 x 17 x 88mm 
  • Airflow : adjustable
  • Battery : 400mAh
  • Charging : USB-C
  • LED : on inhalation 
  • Cartridge clip : magnetic
  • Capacity : 2ml
  • Number of puffs : up to 600
  • Coil : 1.1Ω Mesh Coil
  • Activation : by inhalation



  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x USB-C cable (only for Pens solos)
  • 1 x pre-filled cartridge (for starter kits only)
  • 1 x User manual


  • Beautiful design
  • Impeccable flavour reproduction
  • Easy to use
  • Fast battery charge



  • Limited autonomy


This new way of vaping, which is simple, environmentally-friendly and economical, has a bright future ahead of it.
There's no doubt that Evapify's Crystal Plus will find its fans, just like Eva.
Quitting smoking has never been so easy !

Thanks for reading,

The Sweetch team