Chinese vape supplier Oxva is a recent player in the e-cigarette industry. If this company, which was only created in 2019, is now developing rapidly, it's certainly due to its CEO, none other than Justin Lai, previously with Geekvape and the mastermind behind the Aegis and Zeus series. Oxva presents Oneo, a kit that is keeping up with the trends. The Sweetch team couldn't resist trying it out.


The Oxva Oneo kit consists of a very resistant, light, and compact aluminium alloy pod that's easy to handle.
Fully automatic and user-friendly, the Oxva Oneo pod works simply by inhaling and adapts itself to the detected coil to deliver a powerful wattage of up to 40W. The pod recharges in an hour by plugging the supplied USB-C cable into the base.
All you must do is adjust the airflow and select an MTL or RDL vape according to your preference.
There's no settings button or screen : all the information you need to make your Oxva Oneo pod work properly is provided by different coloured LEDs.

This allows you to monitor your battery's power level :

• Red LED : Battery charge below 25%.
• Orange LED : Battery charge between 25 and 50%.
• Blue LED : Battery charge between 50 and 75%.
• Green LED : Battery charge above 75%.

These LEDs also help to detect problems when you're using your pod.

The Oxva Oneo kit features a generous 3.5ml cartridge with side-filling and a built-in coil for easy maintenance and replacement. The kit comes with 2 cartridges with sealed coils :

• An 0.4Ω Oxva Oneo cartridge to use between 28 and 34W for restrictive direct vaping.
• An 0.8Ω Oxva Oneo cartridge to use between 14 and 18W for direct inhalation vaping.

When your coil needs replacing, simply unclip the magnetised cartridge and replace it with a new one, easy !


We've asked Thomas, manager at Sweetch's Geneva train station shop, to test this new Oxva Oneo kit. He combined the Oxva Oneo cartridge with the 0.8Ω coil with PGVGLab's Don Cristo Custard e-liquid, and the Oxva Oneo cartridge with the 0.4Ω coil with Smoke Wars C3Vapo Gold e-liquid for a more aerial vape.

He shared his comments and thoughts with us : 

What was your first impression when you saw this kit ? 

When I first saw the Oxva Oneo kit, I was immediately attracted by its size and eye-catching design. 

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How did you get started ? 

Very easily, as there are no settings to adjust. You just fill the cartridge with your favourite e-liquid, charge the battery and all that's left to do is adjust the airflow to start vaping.

What's your experience with this kit ? 

It was a very surprising experience for me. I'm used to vaping e-liquids with 20mg of nicotine salt, and with this Oxva Oneo pod, even with the lowest coil, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vapour produced..

Did you encounter any difficulties ?

No particular difficulties.

Who would you recommend this kit to ? 

I would recommend the Oxva Oneo kit to three types of vapers.
First, beginners who don't yet have a clear idea of what's right for them. This little pod offers a choice of 3 different coils so you can experiment with MTL, RDL or DL vaping, and determine your desires and needs.
Vapers looking for a fairly aerial MTL experience with nice clouds, or RDL or DL vapers looking for an easy-to-use e-cig with good flavour reproduction.  


  • Brand : Oneo 
  • Type : Pod 
  • Dimensions : 23 x 32,5 x 102mm
  • Weight : 75g 
  • Battery power : 1600mAh 
  • Battery type: Built-in 
  • Maximum power : 40W
  • Cartridge capacity : 3.5ml
  • Charger : USB-C 



  • 1 x Oneo Pod 
  • 1 x 3.5ml 0.4Ω Oneo Cartridge 
  • 1 x 3.5ml 0.8Ω Oneo Cartridge
  • 1 x USB-C cable 
  • 1 x User manual 
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  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • Good flavour reproduction
  • Great steam production



  • MTL too aerial


The Oxva Oneo kit offers a small, powerful, and versatile pod that meets all the expectations of vapers looking for top-of-the-range simplicity.

It's an excellent alternative for all vapers who want to try sub-ohm vaping without having to carry around a bulky box.

A real winner, approved by the entire Sweetch team.  

Thank you for reading.

The Sweetch team