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Vaping Grade Nicotine

Publié le : 2019-05-10 11:59:52
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Nicotine Vapologique


Today, we touch on a topic that is extremely positive for vapers – the so-called vapological nicotine. It is a product of one of the most well-known French manufacturers, Vincent dans les Vapes (VDLV). But what is vapological nicotine? Full explanations below.


Vincent dans les Vapes (VDLV) was founded in 2012 and rapidly rose to become one of the larger manufacturers of e-liquids in France.

It is located in the region of Bordeaux, and differentiates from other manufacturers by the high quality of its flavours, renowned to be entirely natural-based.

The e-liquids are mostly fruity in flavour, such as fresh menthol or apples.

Nicotine Vapologique

Let’s take a step back and go to the beginning

The concept of vapological nicotine stems from a basic principle: this addictive element was not initially introduced for vaping.

The production of nicotine first started in India, then China, and finally in the US. It was long-used for its insecticidal properties, but also by the pharmaceutical industry in order to manufacture patches or chewing-gum for people that wished to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Subsequently, this nicotine was then purified by European companies, and today, it is also used in e-liquids.

Traditional extraction methods do not take this new application method into count, and use solvents in order to ensure a maximum level of extraction (such as dichloromethane).

It comes in the form of a liquid chemical compound that is odourless. It is harmful to humans, and has led to unfortunate deaths at the workplace. And it’s narcotic properties have been used as an anaesthetic gas. In other words, it is to be avoided due to the following risks:

  • Burnings in case of prolonged contact
  • Perturbations to the nervous system
  • Decrease of psychomotor properties
  • Fainting due to its narcotic properties

As you may not know, this chemically-derived substance is considered as being carcinogenic, and traces of it are found in currently used nicotine.

In order to best control the quality of the ingredients it uses, VDLV strives to control its products from start to finish. And they have found a solution to this problem.

Nicotine Vapologique

Vapological nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves through chemical processes, and is specially designed for inhalation through e-liquids. It will not be used in traditional cigarettes.

This version is not considered as being carcinogenic, even if it remains toxic at high levels of concentration. It also becomes addictive when used regularly.

VDLV does not require the use of toxic solvents in order to derive its vapological nicotine. And as such, France becomes the first country to have developed a “green” process to extract nicotine.

So what is the difference between classical nicotine and the vapological nicotine used in e-liquids?

The difference resides solely in the extraction process. Contrary to the classical version, vapological nicotine does not need chlorinated solvents during this chemical manufacturing step.

What do we mean by « green chemistry »?

In this novel way to extract nicotine, the goal is to get an output as pure as possible, in order to avoid residual elements that could be harmful to human health or the environment.

If the harmful components are avoided from the start of the extraction, the nicotine will be more “natural” and will surpass the minimum norms fixed by the pharmaceutical industry.

On top of this, this manufacturing method allows for an optimal management of the material flow, while keeping good control on the quality of the e-liquids, the yields, the management of waste, and the automation of the extraction process.

This brings us to the core argument: the installation is grounded on the use of reverse-osmosis purified water: it does not contain minerals, and can be used in a closed-circuit, optimizing its consumption levels. And this avoids harmful components such as nitrates to be present in the end-product.

Nicotine Vapologique

Can we really define this nicotine as healthier?

We believe so, as vapological nicotine does not contain any dichloromethane. However, it remains true that only long-term clinical studies will be in a position support the claim that vapological nicotine is healthier than classical nicotine. In addition, for a more “ecological” claim, not only does the molecule need to be “healthier”, but the extraction process needs to be fully controlled, the raw materials used need to be of higher quality, and the know-how has to be precisely mastered.

So what about the integration of these vapological nicotine in VDLV e-liquids?

Commercial-grade nicotine needs first of all to meet the needs and requirements of the European pharmacopeia. However, to determine the impurities contained in liquid nicotine is complex. It requires specific analytical tools that needs to be controlled, calibrated and systematically applied in the same exact way.

Nicotine Vapologique

Vincent Cuisset, the co-founder of VDLV, explains: “We are currently finishing the final phases of the analysis. In the coming weeks, our vapological nicotine will be first earmarked for nicotine bases through the commercialization of our Nico Fil in its NV version in 10 and 20mg/ml concentrations of nicotine. The integration on our Vincent dans les Vapes then CirKus will proceed in a progressive manner. We are also considering marketing this vapological innovation in its liquid form without adding any flavours to it, with varying degrees of nicotine content, in order to allow our customers to try its real taste and come back to the origins of vaping.”

Nicotine Vapologique

Does that mean higher prices for VDLV e-liquids?

Vincent Cuisset adds: “We manufacture in France nicotine with high degrees of purity and of higher quality that others found in the market. In regards to the high manufacturing cost involved, our Nico Fill NV will indeed cost more than the classical versions. However, we do not wish to increase the prices of our VDLV and CirKus e-liquids, in order to make this innovation available to all at no increased cost.”


VDLV has big plans for the future, yet remains realistic. In the words of Vincent Cuisset: “We do not pretend to play on the same field as traditional tobacco companies”.

Indeed, the volumes of vapological nicotine manufactured will remain only a fraction of the traditional nicotine used for smoked tobacco. “We certainly make them smile currently, but we will see where we all stand in 10 years from now”, says Vincent Cuisset amused.

VDLV does not have the strength and power of the large pharmaceutical and tobacco companies. However, their wish is to provide a high level of safety to their consumers. Through this, they could well secure a serene future to these new e-liquids based on vapological nicotine.

This is totally in line with Sweetch’s own values. We favour reliable, certified and controlled products in our range, in order to offer only the best to our customers, both in terms of health and of safety. We are thereby happy to have chosen to trust VDLV since our start in 2013 by making them our partner of choice. Congratulations to them for this innovation in the e-liquid vaping world, and their involvement to make our field progress in the right direction.

Dear Reader, thank you for your attention. We appreciate your interest in reading this article and your loyalty to our brand.

The Sweetch Team.

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