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Since 2000, World Cancer Day has taken place on February the 4th, organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and educate a large public around the world about cancer prevention and treatment.

10 million people die of cancer each year worldwide, it's the second leading cause of death, and a third of these cancers are now preventable.

More prosaically, the economic cost of cancer is $1.16 trillion. This should make us think about finding solutions.

Tobacco alone is responsible for 22% of cancer-related deaths.

The 80 or so carcinogenic substances inhaled by a smoker and disseminated throughout his or her body are the cause of many forms of cancer, and not just of the lungs or mouth.

But the good news is that tobacco-related cancers are among the most preventable. The solution : Simply stop smoking.

Easier said than done after many years of addiction. That's where the electronic cigarette comes in.

Let's look at this smoking cessation tool, based simply on facts and scientific studies.


Contrary to popular belief, the nicotine in cigarettes is not toxic, but the combustion of tobacco which releases carcinogenic substances. Tobacco-related diseases are caused by the toxins in that smoke.

Addiction is linked to nicotine (a natural component of tobacco) which creates dependency.

The electronic cigarette contains only nicotine to address this addiction, while at the same time cutting the smoker off from tobacco consumption.

Its harmfulness, if it cannot be completely null, remains minimal compared to traditional cigarettes, which are 95% more harmful than vaping.

By mimicking the act of smoking, the e-cig tricks the brain. Which is why the electronic cigarette is now the most effective way to stop smoking and overcome tobacco dependency to reduce the risk of cancer.

Smokers are looking for nicotine, taste, and ritual. Vaping meets all three criteria, which is why it works.

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To quit smoking effectively, it’s important to respect certain conditions and, above all, to get help to make this life change permanent.

In Sweetch shops, our sales staff offer personalised advice to establish your smokers' profile, and to advise you as best as possible on your journey to quit smoking.

They'll assess your exact nicotine requirements and recommend the best quality material for your needs and habits. 

If you underestimate your nicotine needs based on your smoking habits, you risk not satisfying your brain, which will then seek to return to its old habits.

The satisfaction experienced when vaping depends, therefore, on the right amount of nicotine in your selected e-liquid.

The road to quitting smoking can be long, but just like a diet, you need to give your body time to accept the changes gradually, as this is the only way to avoid the risk of returning to smoking. The nicotine level will be reduced during the withdrawal process until the addiction disappears.

Always have your electronic cigarette with you, don't forget to refill the cartridge, so that you are always ready to satisfy your nicotine cravings.


    Since its invention in China in 2003, the electronic cigarette has raised many questions and generated numerous scientific studies to establish the relevance of its use in smoking cessation, as well as its safety health wise.

    Despite years of biased and hostile public health policies towards this newcomer, despite scientific studies of questionable independence, a clear fact tends to emerge : a smoker is 7 times more likely to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes than with any other alternative to tobacco. This was demonstrated by a recent international study, the results of which were published in the Addictive Behaviors journal.

    The most recent scientific studies point in this direction, such as the one conducted in Germany between 2016 and 2021, which demonstrated the superiority of vaping over any other smoking cessation method.

    This study, the results of which were published in the Deutsches Arzteblatt International, was based on different groups of test subjects, each with a different withdrawal method (willpower alone, psychological help, patches, gum, electronic cigarette). 


    It is worth mentioning that wherever vaping is introduced, smoking, and therefore cancer, is reduced. 

    Faced with this evidence, the schizophrenic position of the scientific and medical community must stop.

    Cancer is a public health issue and the silence of public authorities regarding the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in the fight against smoking is deafening. 

    Thank you for reading.

    The Sweetch team