Nathalie E.

Nathalie E.

Non-smoker since october 2014

Her motto: "never without my fag"

Smoker's Profile 

Very heavy smoker, I've spent 32 years smoking 2 packs a day. My motto : «never without my fag ». I amost could have eaten while smoking, take a shower while smoking. I started at 13 to look cool. As I always say, I was born in an ashtray , With a dad that used to smoke a lot, in the car, at home.

But all these years, I ignored the dangers,I didn't think about my health and most importantly, I really didn't wanna quit. An important phone call, a moment of stress, a cigarette and it's nicotine had the gift of calming me down.

Willing to quit ?

In 2005, the company where I worked st up an anti-smoking campaign, by offering patches to coworkers. I wanted to try…with time, I started to realize that the cigarette was hurting me. I was feeling increasingly out of breath. The first morning cigarette was wearing me down and sometimes even making me dizzy.

But these patches were a complete fiasco, I came back to smoking stronger than ever 3 weeks later. And I realized that I will  forever smoke, until my last breath ».

Discovering the vape

At one point, in the fall of 2014, I realized the enormous budget required to buy cigarettes every month. At over 8.- a pack, the financial aspect led me to seek information on vaping. But as long as nicotine will be forbidden in Swtizerland, This product would not be for me, that's for sure.

I then started researching everything about vaping. First on the web, In the chatrooms, then I bought my first electronic cigarette in a drugstore, a tiny 39.- ego battery with a plastic clearomiser.

My neighbour had brought back  liquide nicotine from her holidays, So I created a juice and started the adventure.

First impression :

« I obviously chose a tobacco flavor,and I thought it was ok. But my battery was not holding up My battery life would only last for 45 minutes. So I went back online to find more information but all of this was scaring me. This masculine world, with their big smoke clouds, theses complicated devices... But I hanged in there, I looked for advices on the web, in chatrooms. I adapted my devices with a Vision Spinner and a Nautilus. With  more sophisticated devices, I gained battery life and discovered new flavours.Right there and then I knew I would never smoke again.And it is also at this moment that I've started to order at Sweetch. 

Key steps and new sensations

The first weeks,I kept a security pack at home and I would smoke 1or2 cigarettes per day, for example if a smoker friend would come at home, If I had a rough stressfull tim. but straight away I found the taste disgusting.In one month I have never touched another cigarette. At first, it was giving my a weird sensation in my mouth such as small deposits on my tongue, I would spit a little and cough. It didn't even last 2 weeks, my doctor told my it simply was the reconstruction of the muqus, by eliminating the poison from  the cigarettes.

But the biggest change immediatly noticeable was my breath. In barely one or two month, I noticed a considerable difference. I used to always be out of breath, I discovered new sensations, what it meant to have endurance. That was a blessing because there was renovations in my building and I therefore had 5 floors to climb. 

Another blessing was the smell : in my hair , fingers and clothing.But I became super sensitive and cannot longer stand the smell of cigarettes, it bothers me even from 20 meters away».


At first, only tobacco flavors. I was vaping the   Fanfare from Bird’s Nest.

Then, the tastes changed in my mouth, and my first liquids became sickening. I changed to discover fruits, sweet liquids because I always had a sweet tooth.

Otherwise,I like coffee flavors, chocolate, even sometimes a hint of cinnamon. I'm a huge fan of american liquids. 


Now, I became a pro. I master the vape vocabulary, I moved beyond the complication. I now make my own coils, on electonic devices with spare batteries.

For outside, I own a Subtank Mini on a eVic VTC from Joyetech (always carrying a spare battery).

At home, I have a Reuleaux rx200, the Cuboid and for the tanks Goblin mini V2, the Vaporesso and its ceramic coils, and many more…

« I also changed my draw. I started with a tight draw, close to a traditional cigarette, and moved to a more aerial vape in which the flavors are more pronounced. I like that better"

Sweetch's best advice

It's Pedro, from Sweetch Lausanne, who advised me not to try to lower the nicotine level straight away. Begin high, then , when moving to  Sub-ohm it drops on its own. Personally, I dropped from 19mg to 3 mg in 15 months.

My message to beginners. 

Don't quit only because you didn't like it the first time. You have to hang in there and try over and over again : it comes fast. I quit smioking and I couldn't believe it, and trust me... it was freaking easy

oh and by the way, don't believe everything you read on local newspapers, internet is your best source of information. »

Nathalie, non-smoker and sweetch fan since october 2014

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