It’s time to quit.

World No Tobacco Day

It’s decided, I quit!

Congratulations! You have decided to quit smoking and we can only encourage you! on this International Tobacco-free day, your commitment has a special symbolism and we are ready to assist you in your resolution. stopping the cigarette is not easy. But the results will be felt so quickly that they will motivate you to continue:

  • Improvement of the breath appears after only 2 weeks
  • 48 hours to find a better taste, a better sense of smell and a higher sleeping quality.

The vape: your health partner

The electronic cigarette will help you through this journey since it allows you to stop completely.

  • No more mood swings, weight gain and frustration
  • Nicotine levels will be decreases step by step until you won’t need it anymore
  • The gesture of pulling a drag on your cigarette remains so it also helps to break free
  • A smell that you cannot compare to burnt tobacco
  • You will save up a lot: your budget will be divided by five

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