Sweetch is the story of a passion that was built and grew with time. A team of specialists united around the same goal: taking action to improve consumer health by helping smokers move away from their addiction.

It all started in 2013 when Isabelle, one of the founders, successfully stopped smoking cigarettes with only very little effort involved. “If I can do it, why not others?” was the prevailing thought. Vaping was at the time not well known in Switzerland - so she got started. With a first shop in Geneva, then rapidly a second in Lausanne.

Today, the team is growing continuously, still sharing the founding beliefs of giving professional advice, passion and know-how, and putting the customer at the center of all thoughts and actions. The office space has since moved to Nyon, where it is combined with the large central distribution and storage areas. The online website has also grown, and
offers today express delivery within 24 hours for any online order.

But why the name “Sweetch”? It is simply a play on words meaning “it's sweet to switch to e-cigarettes”.

Our Vision is to be a brand open to all, accessible, that proposes a large variety of products that answer to the needs of all types of vapers.

For both smokers and beginners, with a clear language, a supporting programme, and easy to use products at accessible prices.

But also for the expert vapers - with high-end references and prestigious brands, complex equipment, rebuildable material, and a large selection of products and aromas for the DIY.

Our Objective is to grow alongside our customers and accompany them in their switch from smoking to the pleasure of vaping, while continuously offering new products that are all tested with care before becoming a reference in the catalogue.

Our Mission is to always offer our customers nothing but the best for their health and safety. Well known and reliable brands, controlled e-liquids that are certified with a guaranteed traceability.

With us, you are in good hands.

For you, we offer only the best of electronic cigarettes.

Are you over 18? Sweetch advocates the values of health and safety, and is engaged in protecting minors and youth.
Sorry! You need to be at least 18 to visit our website.
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