If you are reading this, it’s because you’ve made the decision to quit smoking. Congratulations ! Now you have to put everything in place to get there and it comes with your commitment. This is probably the most complicated part, but also the most important. But what do we mean by commitment ? It's about finding the right driver to your motivation. Your health, the one of your loved ones or the announcement of an imminent illness related to smoking are the most common. Hold on to these drives and keep your commitment !

To help, vaping offers you a whole range of devices, flavours and settings in which you will find what you need for sure. But it’s important that your commitment is total to avoid going back to traditional cigarettes. Indeed, 1 in 2 vapers are 'vapo-smokers', using an e-cigarette but still smoking traditional cigarettes... Of course, they’ll have reduced their consumption by quite a bit, but it will be very difficult to get rid of the few remaining cigarettes.


Careful, crucial step.

When choosing your e-cigarette, it's very important to know what kind of smoker you are :

  • 20 or more cigarettes a day = Heavy smoker
  • 10-20 cigarettes a day = Average smoker
  • Less than 10 cigarettes a day = Light smoker

This kind of little information will help you and your advisor when choosing your first e-cig. To put every chance on your side, we recommend, as a first vape something easy to use !

Careful ! Easy-to-use doesn’t mean bad, low-end or even ineffective ! For every type of profile, there’s something simple !



Careful, crucial second step.

E-liquids play an important part in the smoking cessation process. Remember, it’s essential to buy your liquid only from official resellers, in order to guarantee its quality.

All our liquids are European or North American manufactured, to European and American pharmaceutical standards. Their traceability is assured, and they are of controlled quality

At Sweetch, we offer more than 350 different flavours to meet every desire. There’s no rule, follow and vary the flavours according to your desires ! However, we advise starting with simple flavours such as tobacco or apple to begin your switch to vaping.



Careful, crucial third step.

The right amount of nicotine depends on a several factors. Among them we’ll find :

  • The daily consumption of traditional cigarettes
  • The type of draw picked
  • The coils values
  • The power used
  • And then simply the feeling you’ll get during your tests in shops

In Switzerland, the level of nicotine in liquids is between 0mg and 20mg/ml.

Here's what we recommend to our future vapers that we always categorize into 3 categories of former smokers divided in 2 types of draws MTL/DL :

Less than 10 cigarettes a day

MTL = 6-8mg / DL = 0-3mg

10-20 cigarettes a day

MTL = 8-12mg / DL = 3-6mg

20 or more cigarettes a day

MTL = 12-16mg / DL = 6-8mg


Why does vaping have its place in our society ?

It's very simple, here are some facts about traditional cigarettes :

In Switzerland, 27.1% of people over the age of 15 smoke, that’s more than 2’300’000 ! Many have tried to stop with conventional substitutes but have not succeeded.

C’est ici que la vape intervient, et pour les raisons suivantes :

Considering that :

  • The first month includes the basic investment, purchasing the materiel.
  • The average pack of cigarettes in Switzerland costs CHF 8.50.
  • The average amount of liquid is 3ml/day but can vary from one vaper to another depending on his need in nicotine, how often he uses his vape, how he draws on it and the materiel used.
  • The coil must be changed on average every 2 weeks.
  • The initial material is redeemed after 6 months when calculating the economy per year.

You understand now why everyone is better off vaping rather than smoking. However, the switch between the two is not always easy, especially if you start vaping without being helped. For your initial choice to be the best possible, you must determine your needs accurately (nicotine - device - e-liquid). Making the right choice from the start will save you money and, above all, going back to traditional cigarettes. If you're still up for it, here's a step-by-step guide to starting your new tobacco-free life.

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