VDLV Cirkus - DIY Bonbon fraise 10ml

VDLV Cirkus - DIY Strawberry candy flavor 10ml

A delicious strawberry candy, slightly tangy.

Is not meant to be consumed as it is, a flavor must be diluted in a DIY base.

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Made of :

  • Natural and synthetic food flavors, of vaporological quality. Contains neither sugar nor gum.
  • Propylene glycol of PE (European Pharmacopoeia) quality as the basic carrier of the flavour.


Manufacturer's recommendations for 10ml of e-liquid :

  • 10% of the total volume (about 30 drops) on a PG/VG base of 70/30.
  • 15% of the total volume (i.e. about 45 drops) on a 50/50 PG/VG basis.
  • 20% of the total volume (i.e. about 60 drops) on a PG/VG basis of 30/70.
Bottle size
Bottle material
Recycled plastic
Liquid quantity

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